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BadWolfMC Alpha is the default server of the BadWolfMC Network which houses our survival worlds including the main overworld, Gallifrey, and eco-friendly resource worlds for renewable materials! Our seasonal events are also hosted here. Access the Alpha server through the /menu or by using the /alpha command. The Alpha server was willed into being at 11:00pm on Saturday August 20, 2016.

Game Play

Game play on Alpha is the semi-vanilla Minecraft experience you'd expect, with carefully curated plugins to add some fun without taking too much away from the vanilla feel. Players will find the majority of our Whovian fandom references on Alpha in cities like The Citadel and Atlantis or in our Tardis.


Unlike many servers, the BadWolfMC admins thought it would be wise to introduce three parallel resource worlds, each corresponding to the three vanilla world types. Mining and raiding is prohibited in the main worlds and limited only to the resource worlds in hopes of preserving the main worlds for as long as possible. These resource worlds are reset on a rough 3-month cycle.