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Active Stores

Store Name Items Owner Buys/Sells Status Res TP Location
BadWolfMC Art Gallery Custom Paintings server sells Open spawn.artgallery BadWolfMC Mall
BadWolfMC Market Decorative Heads server sells Open warp market BadWolfMC Mall
The Rusty Urchin Prismarine/Sea Lanterns, Iron, Quartz, Gunpowder, Gravel, Sand cesar & merc sells Open spawn.rusty BadWolfMC Mall
Mob's Thrift Shop Shulker boxes, Sea Lanterns, Saddles, Horse Armor, Redstone, Coal Mob_Meal sells Open spawn.mall3r BadWolfMC Mall
Mall of America Lots! EatingAssIsArt buys & sells Open MallOfAmerica Gallifrey
Discerning Decor Carpets, concretes, glazed terracotta, and all sorts of various wooden items; special orders PhobicTeapot sells Open spawn.mall3x BadWolfMC Mall
Furio & Wicked's Shop Books, Beacons, Elytra, & More! Furio & Wicked sells Open spawn.mall1c BadWolfMC Mall
End & Odds 'n Ends End goods, dyes, redstone, etc. WafflesRTheBest sells Open wafflesshop The Oasis
Cricket's Cubby Tropical fish, popular selection of blocks Cricket sells Open spawn.mall3e BadWolfMC Mall
Cason's WalMart Food, blocks, useful items, armor, lots of enchanted books Casonacademy sells Open spawn.mall3a BadWolfMC Mall
Moonie's Shop All dyes, cobwebs, melons, pumpkins, chorus plant products, golden carrots, zombie villager kits, starter kits, shears, enchanted books MoonPhazed sells Open spawn.mall1f BadWolfMC Mall
Triscuiit's Pokestop Potions and Pokemon! Triscuiit sells Open spawn.mall1d BadWolfMC Mall
Hermes' Shop Pumpkins, glistering melon, cactus, cocoa beans, dried kelp blocks, cobble, redstone, paper, sugar cane, and golden carrots! Hokage_Hermes sells Open spawn.mall1h BadWolfMC Mall

Add a new store by inserting this example code above the |} symbol:

 | BadWolfMC Art Gallery || Custom Paintings || server || sells || Open || spawn.artgallery || BadWolfMC Mall 

Inactive Stores

These stores still exist but are slowly dying/may soon be removed.

  • store (username)

Dead Stores

These stores have been removed from the mall by the admins.

  • store (username)

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