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The BadWolfMC Mall
View from the front
Owner Server
Contributors CesarMC13, mercurialmusic
Category Server Builds
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 3 September 2016
Completed 26 September 2016
Server Alpha
Dimension Gallifrey
/res tp spawn
Nearest warp Mall

The BadWolfMC Mall is a large central shopping hub on the BadWolfMC Alpha server that contains over 80 server and player shops including the BadWolfMC Bank, Library, Pet Store, & Postal Service. It can be accessed by /warp mall, /mall, or /shops. It is not to be confused with the SkyMall on BadWolfMC Beta.


Our beautiful mall is made up of nearly 2 million blocks and hosts over 80 server and player shops including the BadWolf Art Gallery, Bank, Market, Library, Pet Store, Postal Service, and Theater. The Mall opened with the server itself on October 1, 2016 and was one of the first things built on the server, taking approximately 2 weeks to complete. It was inspired by a build by edsinger based on the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, Australia.

Renting a Shop

All of our shops are rented using the sign-based Residence renting system. You can rent any shop that displays "Available" on the sign. Just choose the perfect location and right-click to rent! Multiple clicks will purchase additional time while shift+right-clicking the sign will unrent your shop. Note that there are not currently refunds when unrenting a shop. All of our shops have the auto-renew tag enabled, which you can confirm by using /res market rent true. Toggle to false if you want to abandon your shop at the end of the rental period.

Items can be sold using our sign-based shops.

Renting Rules

  • Each player is limited to two rental units in the mall, and on floors 1-3 you may combine shops if you wish.
  • Mall rental spaces are reserved for shops only. Squatters will be evicted, ads will be removed, etc.
  • Once rented you will have 7 days to put items up for sale in your shop. After that it will be reclaimed and made available for someone else to rent.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your rent is current or that you have enough in your account for the auto-renew. We cannot retrieve items lost to a shop reversion!
  • The Residence cleaning bypass for supporters does not apply to rental units! If your rent expires it will be reverted as usual.
  • If you break it you bought it - but in a good way. If you're able to break the block you can customize it. We only request that walls remain opaque and solid - most shops do not have an extra block between them (exception - combining your shop with another).

We hope you enjoy the BadWolfMC Mall! Once your shop is ready, feel free to list your shop and what you're selling on the List of Stores and in the /balloon!