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The Fair
View of the fairgrounds from the south-east corner. July 2018.
Contributors CesarMC13, mercurialmusic, Furiocraft, Willaroze, xSOIREEx, many others
Category Games
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started September 2016
Released 1 October 2017, ongoing
Server Alpha
Dimension Gallifrey
Nearest warp Fair

The Fair is a large community gaming park on the BadWolfMC Alpha server where any member can build attractions and games for all to enjoy. It can be accessed by /warp fair or /fair.


The Fair opened with the server itself on October 1, 2016. Original attractions included BoomTown, SlimeSpleef, and King of the Ladder. Other features have been built up, including several colorful carnival tents that were the product of a community-led build contest sponsored by player Willaroze.




BoomTown is a 2-4 person PVP minigame in which players attempt to strategically place TNT on the redstone-activated floor of a flooded maze-like arena close enough to the other players to kill them. TNT, food, and other items can be acquired from 8 rotating chests located in the corners and at 4 other points near the spawns. The game is inspired by TangoTek's "BoomBox". The mechanics are entirely vanilla but the running of the game is handled by our PVP plugin.

Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats is a 6 player bumper arena built by xSOIREEx. For the fun of it.

The Casino

The Casino is an upcoming attraction built by FurioCraft entirely in survival mode using vanilla mechanics. It includes slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette, and jackpots.

Dust Devil

Dust Devil is a mini Minecraft roller coaster built by xSOIREEx featuring a 43-block namesake dust devil spiral that plunges into a flooded cave beneath the desert to emerge again for a romp across the dunes.

Jousting Lists

The Jousting Lists were built by Willaroze and are located next to the Merry-Go-Round. Here players can ride hard and fast at each other with pointy objects. Someone will probably lose an eye.

King of the Ladder

King of the Ladder

Our over-the-top King of the Ladder will test your parkour skills while being shot from below from nefarious thugs seeking to dethrone you. Reach one of the "flags" at the top to claim points towards your victory!


Built by Willaroze, this quad merry-go-round features everyone's favorite animals saddled up and forever going in circles for your amusement. Hop on and enjoy the ride!

The Pig Races

The Pig Races are another Willaroze brainchild that takes you through several mini-biomes complete with swampy hazards and slippery ice spikes. Can you guide your pig safely across the finish line to victory?!

The Race Track

The Race Track is a multipurpose racing complex adjacent to The Fair and complete with starting gate, stables, and clubhouse. Built by xSOIREEx, 1xXHeartlessXx1, and probably others, idk.


SlimeSpleef is a 2-4 player spleef extravaganza with a bouncy twist. Be the last to touch the ground and claim the prize!

Splash Down

Splash Down is a fun water/ice slide located next to BoomTown. Bring your own boat or rent one for $1!

Tim's Bush

Get lost in Tim's Bush, a fun well-trimmed hedge maze built by xSOIREEx. And still no trees in sight. Poor Tim.