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For assistance, create a help ticket! This keeps us more organized and makes sure you get the help you need if we're not immediately available to assist.

In-Game Tickets

The in-game ticket system logs where you are when you create the ticket, so all you need to do is tell us what's going on!

  • /ticket - Shows the last 5 tickets you've created and any progress or responses.
  • /ticket <message> - Opens a new help ticket. You'll want to note the ticket number it assigns you. e.g.: /ticket Someone stole my block of dirt!

Discord Tickets

For more emergent situations when the admins aren't on or if your issue is a little more complex than what can be described in an in-game ticket, mosey on over to our Discord and have a chat with the support bot.

In the #support channel, describe your issue as concisely as possible in one message. Posting to this channel will automatically create a new channel just for your issue, and you and the admins will all be notified of the channel's creation. Direct all further messages to that channel.

Once you (or an admin) feel that the issue has been solved, mark the first message in that channel with an emoji to signify that the channel can be automatically deleted. Anyone who wrote a message in the new channel will be sent a transcript of the conversation by private message from the support bot.

Forum Support

You can also request assistance by starting a thread on our forum's help board. This board is best for more general questions or things you don't need an immediate answer to. More of a "we'll get it when we get it" type of support. That’s not to say it will take a month for us to see it (*glares at previous forum*), but it may take a day or two.

Ticket Rules

Tickets should only be created for legitimate reasons that only an admin can address. These include:

  • griefing or other reports of rule-breaking
  • reproducible bugs/glitches (include a comment about how/why it happened and what you were doing)
  • admin derps (e.g. water blocks)
  • requests for assistance that cannot be solved by referencing the Minecraft Wiki, the BadWolfMC Wiki, or asking other players.
  • Tickets should not be used to make suggestions -- please use the forums for these.
  • Abusing the ticket system will result in immediate removal of your ability to create tickets and in extreme cases could result in a server ban.