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Magic is the primary feature of and available only on the BadWolfMC Gamma server. It is a unique gamemode in which many of the commands you're used to are replaced by spells cast using a wand item bound to your inventory. Magic is best learned by discovering it for yourself, so this wiki will be purposefully limited in scope.


Spells are learned and perfected as you progress through the game, and are bound to your wand. While holding a wand, left-click to cast the active spell. Wands that have more than one spell will have a "wand inventory" that you can use to quick-change spells and manage any number of spells in a single wand.

As you accumulate spells, new pages will be added to your wand inventory. If you're missing a spell you may need to click on an empty inventory slot to cycle through the inventory pages. You can also use the hotbar to move spells between pages and organize them the way you'd like, and as you level up you will also gain additional hotbars.

Additional spells are learned through regular enchanting tables. Simply right click the enchanting table with your wand to bring up the magic shop, where you can spend your Spell Points to add more spells to that wand.

Spell Points (SP)

Spell Points or "SP" are used to learn additional spells or to purchase some in-game items. You can see the number of SP a certain wand has by holding that wand in your main hand - the SP will display where you would normally see your XP levels. Switching to a non-magic item or emptying your hand will then display your regular XP levels once again.

SP is gained by successfully casting spells, with diminished accruals and a cooldown on subsequent casts of the same spell. SP is also dropped by some magic mobs and can be found in some loot chests in the world.


Each wand has a limited power supply called "mana". When holding your wand this takes the place of your XP bar. Casting a spell will decrease the amount of mana you have (note that this is separate from your spell point level), and spamming spells will result in complete depletion and inability to cast additional spells until your mana regenerates naturally. The more advanced your wand, the more capacity for mana and the faster it will regenerate. Some magic items also affect mana regeneration, both positively and negatively.

Magic Items


In Magic it's all about the wands. Wands can be crafted, found, or purchased. The default wand in particular will be the most important item you possess in the game - it is bound to you, no other player can use it, and your wand stays with you if you die. You cannot drop it, but you can move it in your inventory, to a chest, or destroy it by moving it into the chest associated with the disposal spell (or sign). In other words, you would need to try to lose your wand. It may not be possible to retrieve lost wands, so guard it carefully. New default wands can be crafted using a nether star and blaze rod.

Technically all of the magic items are considered wands in terms of how they're set up in the game, but may have different functions and different paths of progression depending on the type of wand. A wand may be at a certain rank on that path, and will progress along the path from rank to rank. Discovering the spells along the path is part of the fun, so only the ranks are listed here, and for the Mage Path include: Beginner > Student > Apprentice > Master > Engineer (coming soon). Remember that paths are bound to the wand, so it is possible to have multiple wands on different paths, and your default wand's appearance will change as you progress.

Additional Wand Appearances

Additional wand appearances beyond the default mage path can be purchased from the BadWolfMC Store. These are entirely cosmetic and do not affect the wand or spells cast from it, but they look cool and all proceeds support the server. You can change between the wand appearances you've unlocked on the enchanting table. These include:

Fantasy Wands
Claw Wand
Magicka Wand
Moon Wand
Orb Wand
Spire Wand
Whovian Wands
4th Sonic
10th Sonic
11th Sonic
12th Sonic
13th Sonic


Broomsticks are great for travel and exploration. While technically a wand, these only know one spell: flight! Brooms are slow and difficult to handle at first, but level up with use and soon become the preferred method of travel for many. This is the must-have item in Magic, after the wand of course. If you do not yet want to create your broom, you can purchase a temporary broom from the Wand Shop in Camelot, but these temporary brooms do not level up!



Apprentice Garments

Apprentice Boots
Apprentice Pants
Apprentice Robes
Apprentice Scarf

Wizard Garments

Wizard Boots
Wizard Pants
Wizard Robes
Wizard Scarf

Magic Accessories

Diving Helmet
Night Vision Goggles
Magic Hat

Magic Weapons

Magic Bow

The Magic Bow adds an additional path, the "Archer" path, although that path currently only has one rank. Craft a Magic Bow and discover all the different ways to shoot an arrow!

Magic Bow

Magic Sword

Smite down your enemy with your sword and spells all at the same time! The Magic Sword follows the Quest path of Battle > Squire > Soldier > Knight.

Magic Sword


The Disguise Spell

The Disguise spell is learned as a beginner and by default comes with the Sheep disguise unlocked. Additional disguises from most mob types can be obtained for use on the Gamma server only by purchase from the BadWolfMC Store or the Rewards Shop in the main /menu by using Loyalty Points. Like the wand appearances, these additional disguises are entirely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay. For example, smaller disguises do not fit through smaller spaces, and the ghast disguise does not give you the ability to shoot fireballs -- unless you have that spell of course! But they look cool and all sales directly support the server. You can change between the disguises you've unlocked by casting the Disguise spell. And be careful! Your disguise can be "blown" if you receive physical damage from another entity or player.

View Self Disguise

The View Self Disguise (VSD) Toggle option within the Disguise spell allows the player to remain disguised but not see the disguise themselves, letting the player interact with the game like normal. By default this option is off and you may see, for example, a horse head sticking out of you, or a bunny at your feet. Because of the collision mechanic, players who have VSD on will collide with the hitbox of the disguise, forcing a weird shuffle movement when otherwise not moving. Toggling VSD off will disable that movement. We've also enabled this toggle by command with /vsd.


To undisguise yourself, cast the Disguise spell and select the "Undisguise" option. This is also enabled by command with /undis.

The Bypass Spell

Both Avalon and uolɐʌ∀ have two world borders -- the round world border visible as a red line on the Live Map and the square vanilla world border just slightly beyond the round one, encompassing the space known as "The Wilds". The Bypass spell allows players to travel beyond the round world border in both worlds and is available only to Gold or Diamond Contributors. Members who have purchased Gold after November 2018 should have this spell automatically put in their spell inventory, otherwise it will be available to them in the Rewards Shop in the main /menu for free. This spell only needs to be used once.

Broken Spells

Please be aware of a few known issues with spells. There are literally hundreds of them and some are bound to break every time Minecraft changes something.


This one tends to break with any updates with redstone or blocks. It's probably merc's favorite spell, and it's the one that breaks most often. Essentially it pushes buttons and flips levers for you so you can hide redstone contraptions. Not a necessity, but still really cool. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


Growth is known to be weird/not work on any blocks that take up more than one block, e.g., double tall flowers, some farm plants.

Transmat Upgrade

This is on the upgrade, not the base spell. Essentially your /tpahere. Just communicate with the other person so they can cast the Gather spell to travel to you.