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Want to get creative but don't want to go mining? Or maybe test out that build to see if the colors look right together. Whatever you want to build, you can do it in creative mode on one of our PlotWorlds, all without the limitations of gravity! Here you'll find our handy-dandy command reference.

Please note that to preserve server resources, all mobs in the PlotWorlds are disabled and redstone must be kept very simple.

Claim a Plot!

/plot info - checks a plot's information and whether it is currently available.

Note that players are allowed plots according to the following table:

Member Iron Gold Diamond
4 5 6 8

There are a couple options for claiming your plots:

  • /plot claim - claims the plot you're currently standing on (if it's available). Since you're allowed up to 4 plots we recommend this method if you decide to merge your adjacent plots later.
  • /plot auto - is the second and easiest method. You can use this anywhere in the world and it will claim the closest available plot to you. Handy if you've just spawned in, don't care who your neighbors are, and don't want to do a lot of searching.
  • /plot merge - merge the plot you're standing on with another specified and adjacent plot that you already own. Usage:
    • First determine the direction of the plot you want to merge relative to the plot you're currently standing in. In other words, if you want to merge your current plot with the plot directly north of it, you would use "n" in the argument (below).
    • Use /plot merge [n|e|s|w] <removeroads true|false> where [n|e|s|w] is the direction of the target plot. The <removeroads> argument is boolean. E.g.:
      • /plot merge n - the roads will remain.
      • /plot merge s true - removes the roads.
  • /plot done - marks your plot as done and opens it for comments from other players!
  • /plot continue - reopen a plot previously marked as "done".
  • /plot desc <description> - sets a description for your plot.
  • /plot unmerge - works the same way as /plot merge but in reverse!
  • /plot delete - does what it says on the tin.

Modify Your Plot Settings!

  • /plot flag list - will list all available flags.
  • /plot flag set greeting <message> - will set the message displayed when entering your plot.
  • /plot flag set farewell <message> - will set the message displayed when leaving your plot.
  • /plot alias [alias] - sets a name for your plot.
  • /plot music - brings up a GUI to select the music of your choice that will play when anyone enters the plot.
  • /plot biome [biome] - sets the biome for your plot.

Boolean Flags

The flags below have no effect on players already added to the plot.

Usage: /plot set [flag] [true|false]

  • [device-interact] - If set to true, Players will be able to use pressure plates or other blocks that are triggered from standing on them.
  • [liquid-flow] - If set to false, liquids won't flow on plots. Both Lava and Water count as liquid. This setting applies to liquids placed by all members of a plot.
  • [vehicle-use] - If set to true, players will be able to use vehicles. This includes all minecart types and boats.
  • [vehicle-place] - If set to true, players will be able to place vehicles. This includes all minecart types and boats.
  • [vehicle-break] - If set to true, players will be able to break vehicles. This includes all minecart types and boats.

List-based Flags

The flags below have no effect on players already added to the plot. Lists must contain block IDs only (e.g. "1:3" for diorite -- handy list here) and will not accept block names. ID lists should be separated by commas but must not contain spaces, e.g. 1:3,47,58.

Usage: /plot set [flag] <list> [place] - Contains a list of blocks allowed to be placed within the plot. [break] - Contains a list of blocks allowed to be broken within the plot. [use] - Contains a list of blocks allowed to be interacted with inside the plot.

If you get stuck with these you can reference the official PlotSquared wiki.

Add Your Friends!

  • /plot trust [playername] - will add a user to your trusted list and allows them to build in your plot.
  • /plot add [playername] - is a slightly lesser version of the trust setting and allows the user to build in your plot only when you are online.
  • /plot remove [playername] - removes all player permissions on your plot.
  • /plot deny [playername] - essentially bans a user from your plot.

Redstone Rules

While still robust in its own right, the BadWolfMC Beta server doesn't have nearly the resources devoted to it as BadWolfMC Alpha, and thus the rules regarding redstone are far more strict.

  • Simple contraptions can still be made, but any sort of redstone, whether clock or tick-update based (e.g. plant farms), should never be left unattended and certainly never left running. Devices found running unattended on the Beta server will be removed without warning.
  • Please be moderate with your hopper use, as these can create more lag than a running clock. We use a hopper timings limiter (tuned slightly higher on Beta than on Alpha), and large amounts of items dumped into a hopper system will likely result in a clog or severely slowed transfers. Instead, for any item inputs into a hopper system, we recommend setting a single chest on top of the input hopper so items go in one at a time. Any excessive hopper use will be removed, with a warning on Alpha, and without a warning on Beta.

The following redstone-based blocks are allowed in our PlotWorld: