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General Chat & Messaging

  • /msg - Followed by a username (e.g. /msg mercurialmusic), this sends a private message to the target player. You can also click a user's prefix to auto-populate the /msg [playername] command.
  • /reply or /r - Followed by your message (e.g. /r hi!), this quickly and privately responds to the last player who messaged you. Be careful with this one if you have multiple conversations going!
  • /ignore - Followed by a username (e.g. /ignore mercurialmusic), this will ignore all private messages from a particular player.
  • /me - Emotes in the third person (e.g. "/me smiles" would print "*merc smiles")
  • /messagetoggle or /mtoggle - Want some quiet? This toggles your ability to receive private messages from all players.

Chat Channels

  • /chlist - Lists the available chat channels. These currently include:
Channel [alias] Description
Global [g] Typical global chat.
Local [l] Limited to players within a 230 block radius. This channel is highly recommended when working in close proximity to someone else to keep global chat sane.
RolePlay [rp] To be used for role play chat.
Trade [t] For advertising your shop or requesting a trade.
  • /channel [channel] or /ch [alias] - Focuses the desired channel in your chat -- all messages that you type will appear in your focused channels. Example: "/ch g" will focus the global channel.
  • /leave [channel] - Tired of seeing the role play chats? Leave the channel!
  • /join [channel] - Want to join a role play game after previously leaving the channel? Join the channel again here.
  • /listen [channel] - Listen to a channel without focusing it as the channel you're chatting in.
  • /chwho [channel] - Lists the members listening on a particular channel.

Party Chat

You can also create your own temporary chat channels called party chats!

  • /party help - Use this for a quick command reference.
  • /party host - Host a party! After starting a party you can message your friends to join it. Note that while the party isn't publicly broadcast, anyone can still join it. This command is a toggle, so doing /party host again will end the party.
  • /party join [player] - Join your friend's party!
  • /party leave - Leave the party.
  • /party kick [player] - Kick the specified player from your own party.
  • /party ban [player] - Prevents a player from joining your party. This feature does not seem to be working right now.
  • /party unban [player] - Unban a player from your party.
  • /party chat [on|off] - Focuses the party chat. This is slightly different from the channels since it requires either "/party chat on" or "/party chat off". If this is toggled on you will receive an error message if you try to chat without being in a party.