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General Chat & Messaging

  • /msg [playerName] (message) - Followed by a username (e.g. /msg mercurialmusic), this sends a private message to the target player. You can also click a user's prefix in chat (even if they're on another server) to auto-populate the /msg [playername] command.
  • /reply (message) or /r - Followed by your message (e.g. /r hi!), this quickly and privately responds to the last player who messaged you. Be careful with this one if you have multiple conversations going!
  • /ignore [playerName] - Followed by a username (e.g. /ignore mercurialmusic), this will ignore all private messages from a particular player.
  • /me (message) - Emotes in the third person (e.g. "/me smiles" would print "*merc smiles")
  • /messagetoggle or /mtoggle - Want some quiet? This toggles your ability to receive private messages from all players.
  • /mail send [playerName] (message) - sends mail to the target player whether online or offline. Usernames for offline players must be accurate.
  • /mail read - reads any received mail messages.
  • /mail clear - clears all mail messages from your inbox.

Chat Channels

  • /chlist - Lists the available chat channels. These currently include:
Channel [alias] Description
Global [g] Typical global chat.
Local [l] Limited to players within a 230 block radius. This channel is highly recommended when working in close proximity to someone else to keep global chat sane.
Trade [tc] For advertising your shop or requesting a trade.
  • /channel [channel] or /ch [alias] - Focuses the desired channel in your chat -- all messages that you type will appear in your focused channels. Example: "/ch g" will focus the global channel.
  • /leave [channel] - Tired of seeing the role play chats? Leave the channel!
  • /join [channel] - Want to join a role play game after previously leaving the channel? Join the channel again here.
  • /listen [channel] - Listen to a channel without focusing it as the channel you're chatting in.
  • /chwho [channel] - Lists the members listening on a particular channel.

Party Chat

You can also create your own temporary chat channels called party chats!

  • /party help - Use this for a quick command reference.
  • /party host - Host a party! After starting a party you can message your friends to join it. Note that while the party isn't publicly broadcast, anyone can still join it. This command is a toggle, so doing /party host again will end the party.
  • /party join [player] - Join your friend's party!
  • /party leave - Leave the party.
  • /party kick [player] - Kick the specified player from your own party.
  • /party ban [player] - Prevents a player from joining your party. This feature does not seem to be working right now.
  • /party unban [player] - Unban a player from your party.
  • /party chat [on|off] - Focuses the party chat. This is slightly different from the channels since it requires either "/party chat on" or "/party chat off". If this is toggled on you will receive an error message if you try to chat without being in a party.

Color & Formatting Codes

Minecraft allows for some formatting in chat, item names, books, and signs using special prefixes generally referred to as color codes. Since they are entirely cosmetic, use of these codes is limited to our Diamond members. There are two methods of formatting, through the use of the traditional character codes and using hex color codes.

Character Codes

Text formatting is achieved by prefixing the text with an ampersand (&) immediately followed by a character code. For example, using "&4Hello World!" would appear as "Hello World!". The full list of character codes can be seen in game using the /colors command and are as follows:

Color Name Character Code Hex Code
Dark Red &4 #AA0000
Red &c #FF5555
Gold &6 #FFAA00
Yellow &e #FFFF55
Dark Green &2 #00AA00
Green &a #55FF55
Dark Aqua &3 #00AAAA
Aqua &b #55FFFF
Dark Blue &1 #0000AA
Blue &9 #5555FF
Dark Purple &5 #AA00AA
Light Purple &d #FF55FF
White &f #FFFFFF
Gray &7 #AAAAAA
Dark Gray &8 #555555
Black &0 #000000
Bold &l --
Strikethrough &m --
Underline &n --
Italic &o --
Reset Code &r --

Hex Codes

The second method of formatting text is through hex color codes. This system allows for the addition of exactly 16,777,216 colors to the game! Different servers may use different methods of implementing these codes, but BadWolfMC uses the format "{#rrggbb}Text". For example "{#FF0000}Hello World!" would appear as "Hello World!". Many hex colors (currently slightly over 1,000) are also mapped directly to color names, so using "{#red}Hello World!" would achieve the same result.

You can also use the /colorpicker command to bring up a clickable interface. Just click the color you want to populate the code in your chat bar or shift-click to insert it into existing text. From there it can be copied and pasted into anvils, etc. or just type and hit enter to make chat pretty!

Hex Gradients

Hex gradients can be achieved using angle brackets to indicate direction of the gradient. The tag on the first color requires >, for example, {#red>}, colors in the middle require <>, for example {#green<>}, and the last color requires <, or {#blue<}. A fully formed gradient would look something like: "{#red>}The quick brown fox {#green<>}jumps over the lazy dog{#blue<}". The tags are picky and will fail if not accurately enclosed or if the color/hex code is poorly formed.

Hex & Formatting Codes

Vanilla chat formatting codes can be used together with hex codes, including in gradients, but must be used after the closing bracket of the first hex code and before the text. For example, "{#FF0000}&lHello World!" would appear as "Hello World!". Likewise, "{#red>}&lHello World!{#green<}" will return a bold gradient from red to green.

Formatting Private Messages

Private messages are currently handled slightly differently. Hex codes in PMs do not require the curly brackets but also do not accept color names or gradients - messages must be in "#5555FF" format only.

Other Uses on BadWolfMC

Diamond members are allowed a nickname in chat using these color codes, which must be set by an admin. Because of a character limit we are only able to use multiple colors using character codes, but can still use hex codes if only a single color or one color gradient using two colors is desired (for example {#green>}merc{#blue<}). Please note that the desired color(s) must be legible in chat.