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The Options Menu is an interactive GUI-based system on the BadWolfMC Network with which players can set preferences for several items on the server. It is accessed through the main /menu available on all servers or with the direct /options command.


Compass Toggle

BadWolfMC has a boss bar compass enabled by default for all players. This compass shows the direction you are facing as well as the direction of various locations including spawn (⤋), your bed location (۩), death location (☠), and vanilla compass target if one is set (ꖴ). The compass can be toggled through the options menu or by using the command /togglecompass.

Payments Toggle

The payments toggle controls all incoming manual payments from other members when using the /money pay command. This does not prohibit shop payments or payments through jobs or trades. Payments can be toggled through the options menu or with the /togglepayments command.

Piggyback Toggle

The Piggyback toggle controls both your ability to pick up other entities with a shift+right-click using an open hand, and the ability for others to do the same to you. After all, it would not be fair for you to be able to pick someone up but then they can't do the same to you. The feature can be toggled through the options menu or by using the command /pback toggle.

Pronoun Selection

BadWolfMC enables players to select their preferred pronouns from the Pronoun Selection Menu, accessed via both the Options menu or through the #roles channel on the BadWolfMC Discord server. Pronoun selection is optional for all players, but encouraged both to reduce confusion and to foster a welcoming environment for everyone. Pronouns will be visible as a suffix to your display name in all public and local chat, and as an additional role on Discord.

The selection can be made either in game or in Discord, and the selection will automatically sync between both. Likewise the selection can be removed or changed as desired, but it's highly recommended to first remove the existing selection (by right-clicking the option in the in-game Pronoun Selection Menu or by selecting the role button in Discord to toggle it off) before selecting the desired pronouns.

Shift-Edit Toggle

The shift-edit toggle is a perk for Diamond members by which they are able to simply shift+right-click an existing sign in an area where they have permission to build in order to modify its contents. The action brings up the vanilla sign-board with the existing text, which can be edited normally. This feature can be toggled through the options menu or by using the command /toggleshiftedit.

TPA Toggle

The TPA toggle controls all incoming teleport requests from other members. This is on by default but can be toggled off in the options menu or with /toggletpa if you desire some alone-time.

Trivia Toggle

The trivia toggle controls your ability to see the in-game trivia questions, which post every 15 minutes. Default behavior is automatically on for all players but can be toggled through the options menu or by using the command /toggletrivia.

VeinMiner Toggle

The VeinMiner toggle controls your ability to mine entire veins of ore or chop entire trees, etc. with a shift+left-click. While highly useful, it's best to be careful around your log cabin! Easily toggle all tools through the options menu or by using the command /veinminer toggle.