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The Tardis
The Tardis as it appeared when it first landed on BadWolfMC Alpha
Contributors Cesar, merc, Mommy_D
Category Server Builds
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 3 September 2016
Released 1 October 2016
Server Alpha
Dimension Tardis
Nearest warp Tardis

BadWolfMC's Tardis is a trans-dimensional type-40 time travel capsule also capable of traveling across space and Minecraft servers, and serves as the main information hub for the network. It is currently disguised on the exterior as a blue police telephone box in the style of 1960s England, as is tradition.

Current Configuration

Paying homage to the six founders of Gallifrey, the internal configuration of the type-40 is based on a hexagonal network of corridors linking spherical pods that make up the Tardis's various rooms. These pod sections can be ejected or expanded as needed by the pilot or the Tardis herself. Some of the more notable rooms are listed below.

The Console Room

Upon entering the Tardis one will find themselves in the Console Room. This room changes over time, taking on aspects of the current personality of The Doctor. The Console Room houses the information that would be most useful to new players, including server rules, a cheap and dirty guide to applying and getting started, and information on how to support the network.

Example schematic of a Type-40 TARDIS

The Library

The Tardis's Library is the first room off the console room and is capable of transporting a reader to many far-flung and exotic locations. That is, it's where we keep a board with most of our warps listed. Feel free to take a dip in the swimming pool as well, but please do try not to dampen the books.

The Library

The Archived Control Panel

The Archived Control Panel is a former console room archived by the Tardis because she can. This room houses information on current server staff as well as some controls for personalized in-game options that players can toggle.

The Architectural Reconfiguration Room

This room houses the Tardis's Architectural Reconfiguration System, a machine resembling a tree that has the capability of arranging particles into whatever configuration is needed, allowing the Tardis to repair itself or expand. This is where the Tardis keeps her current lists of BadWolfMC's members with at least a semi-active status (i.e. not yet in stasis) who are approaching the anniversary of their reconfiguration (birthdays).

The Cloister Room

Home to the Tardis's internal alarm system, the Cloister Bell, the Cloister Room also contains an interface to the Eye of Harmony and is capable of receiving and processing information directly from Gallifrey. This information is then arranged on physical or holographic displays of interesting server statistics.

The Observation Deck

The Tardis's Observation Deck affords a breathtaking view of Satellite 5, K37 Gem 5, and surrounding space and provides a transmat link to these.