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BadWolfMC offers optional Two Factor Authentication (2FA) support for our members to secure their BadWolfMC Network accounts against malicious users. Please note that this does not secure your Minecraft account overall, but it does secure your account while you're on our servers and adds a significant layer of security to prevent a "hacker" or other unwanted kiddos from logging in as you on BadWolfMC.

What is 2FA?

BadWolfMC offers an additional layer of security called Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for trusted members to confirm their identity when logging into the server. This security measure is commonly used in other services like Google, where a short code retrieved from a secondary device, such as a smartphone, is required to log in. The codes can be sent via text (less secure) or generated from a dedicated app like Google Authenticator, Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, or Duo Mobile. BadWolfMC's 2FA mandates the use of the app method.

Once you've successfully set up 2FA on your account, you'll need to enter the code from your device using /2FA [code] to complete the authentication challenge and gain access to play or interact on the server. The authentication code only needs to be entered once every six hours from the same IP address.

Setting up 2FA

Example 2FA Map

Setting up 2FA is quite simple, especially if you're already familiar with using 2FA. These instructions will target the Google Authenticator, but setup should be similar for all of them.

  • An authentication app from the list above is required before you can set up 2FA on your BadWolfMC account. Please download that to your smartphone before you begin.
  • Log onto the BadWolfMC Network. These methods will work from any server.
  • Open the authentication app and, on the Google Authenticator, tap the plus (+) sign to add a new account. This will give you the option to scan a QR code or use manual entry. Scanning the QR is easiest, but both methods will work.
  • Empty a slot on your hotbar and select it, then run the /2FA command. This will provide you with a map with a QR code and secret key.
  • Hold the map in your hand so that the contents are clearly visible on your screen. If you chose the QR entry method, scan the QR with your phone, or if you chose the manual entry method, enter the "Secret Key" from the map into the text field in the app. This will add the account to your app and you should now be able to see a 6 digit code associated with the entry.
  • Confirm 2FA setup by running the command in game /2FA [code] where [code] is replaced by the current code displayed in your app without brackets or spaces. For example, /2FA 123456.
  • You're all set up! Remember that you will now need to use the /2FA [code] every time you log onto the network, but you can rest easy knowing that you won't be ridiculed endlessly (or potentially banned -- it's happened more than once!) if your Minecraft account is hijacked.

Removing 2FA

Sick of typing the code every time? Don't care if your account is hijacked? Use /2FA remove to remove the 2FA requirement from your account. Since your current session is already authenticated this command will immediately remove the requirement from your account.

Lost your phone and can't log in? Just message an admin on the forum or Discord to remove 2FA on your account so you can get back in.