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Camelot, capitol of Avalon
Contributors CesarMC13, mercurialmusic, MommyD, GolighRunes, Hokage_Hermes, FurioCraft, Everyone
Category Dimensions
Underground? true
Public? true
Started 24 October 2018
Released 30 July 2019
Size north to south 17,000m
Size west to east 17,000m
Height 256m
Server BadWolfMC Gamma
Nearest warp Camelot (Recall Spell)

Avalon is the primary survival world on the BadWolfMC Gamma server, currently on its second incarnation. It has an internal circular border radius of 10,000 meters and a square vanilla worldborder with a diameter of 22,000 blocks for a total playable surface area of approximately 484,000,000 blocks.


Avalon was created in October 2018 as a way for BadWolfMC's owners to get back to their magical roots. Originally generated in Minecraft version 1.13, portions of the world were also regenerated for the release of BadWolfMC Gamma shortly after the update to version 1.14.3. Most of the time spent of the 9-months-long creation of the world was on Camelot, which required extensive terraforming over it's 584,010m surface area and several complex builds including the castle, mall, and town proper. This first incarnation had a wrapping circular border radius of 8,500 meters for a total playable surface area of approximately 226,980,069 blocks. As of February 2020 it contained 55 residences, both server and player-owned.

With the release of Minecraft 1.18.1, Avalon regenerated to it's second incarnation on December 20, 2021. Due to the increasing popularity of the Gamma server, the world border was also increased and surface area was slightly more than doubled.


A glitch in the Time Matrix has ripped a hole in the fabric of space and time, creating a portal to a parallel dimension where highly advanced technologies are indistinguishable from magic. Sensing the danger to the entire cosmos presented by this unstable portal, The Doctor plunges head-first into the frey. On landing in Camelot, capitol of the land of Avalon, she is immediately recognized as one of the many faces of the great sorcerer Merlin and, caught off guard, she is overpowered and imprisoned by another time-traveller – the power-hungry Morgana. Morgana, thinking she has bested Merlin once and for all, begins her reign of terror, unleashing all sorts of unsightly and terrifying monsters on the land and nearly causing the collision of the dimensions of Avalon and Angrenost, a hell world.

Fortunately, this universe's Merlin has so far been able to stay one step ahead of Morgana, secretly creating a pocket universe, uolɐʌ∀, where she could wreak havoc to her heart's content. The true Avalon was able to continue in relative peace, but cracks are starting to show on the edges of the pocket universe and monsters are getting through. It's only a matter of time before the whole thing collapses. Can you help Merlin rescue The Doctor so together they can defeat Morgana?


Notable server builds in Avalon include Camelot Castle, Camelot Town, the Camelot Mall, the fire temple of Mount Etna to the south of Camelot, which houses the portals to Angrenost and Annwn, and the dark temple of Lyonnesse to the north, which houses a portal to Camlann.