Bedrock Crossplay

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The BedWolfMC Network is by default a Java Edition server, but we have implemented Bedrock Crossplay so that Bedrock Edition players can join as well! Most Bedrock platforms will be able to join easily by entering our server IP ( in the servers tab of your game. There is no need to specify a port.

Joining from PlayStation

Joining from a PlayStation is slightly different from most other consoles since this edition of the game does not allow you to modify the available servers by default. However, some apps exist to allow you to connect via a LAN proxy. Please note that both of these options require the device running the proxy to be on the same network (i.e. connected to the same WiFi) as the PlayStation. BadWolfMC is not associated with these and cannot offer technical support for using them.

Bedrock Together

We recommend using the BedrockTogether app. It can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store on most mobile devices. Here is a quick walkthrough on how to use it:

  1. Download BedrockTogether from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Open the app, then type in in the IP: box.
  3. Type 25695 in the Port: box.
  4. Click on the green Watch Ad and Run button beneath the address boxes.
  5. Wait for the ad to finish playing, then click on the X at the top right to close out of it.
  6. Open Minecraft and click on the Play button on the main page
  7. Navigate to the Friends tab and locate the LAN Games section.
  8. When the BedrockTogether game appears, click on it to join BadWolfMC!

Other than having to watch an ad, the process is fairly quick and painless. Please note that the app must stay open for the connection to be maintained. It can also take a minute or two for the LAN game to appear after you start the application. We recommend connecting to the server through the app before starting the game on your PlayStation.


Phantom is a popular command-line interface for your PC or Mac. It is used to create a LAN game for you to join your server. Phantom tends to have a better connection than the smartphone apps, but it has to be run through the Command Line on your computer. We only recommend this option for advanced users with experience using the Terminal or Windows PowerShell.

Account Linking

Java/Bedrock account linking is an optional feature available to those who wish to take advantage of cross-platform play while also allowing the access of one BadWolfMC player account. This link binds your Java and Bedrock accounts together so that whichever platform you access the Network from, you will always be playing as your Java character. This allows normal access and permissions to your Java account without the need to treat your Bedrock account as an alt in normal gameplay.

Local Linking (Recommended)

Using the method below will link your accounts only on the BadWolfMC Network. Account info (username and user IDs) are stored securely in a local database that does not have internet access and which falls under the purview of BadWolfMC's Privacy Policy.

To link your accounts you'll need to have both Java and Bedrock Edition accounts logged onto the same BadWolfMC server, and both accounts must be members of BadWolfMC. If one of your accounts is already approved, please submit an application for the other as an alt.

From your Java account run the command:
/linkaccount [your Java username]

This will return instructions to run the same command appended by a 4-digit code from your Bedrock account. You will have 5 minutes to do so.

From your Bedrock account run:
/linkaccount [your Java username] [code]

If both accounts are online, your Bedrock account will be kicked upon successful link. You will only be able to join the server from one of these at a time.

Global Linking

Global linking is also available through the Geyser servers. This allows your accounts to be linked across all servers using Geyser that allow globally linked players to join. This is an external method that is not covered by the BadWolfMC Privacy Policy, nor can we provide assistance with it. The method is perfectly robust, but if we remove support for globally linked players you would need to link again locally. Click here to visit the global linking site.


Game play differs slightly between Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Many features are still available, some with workarounds. We'll do our best to include any differences here.

Plugin Compatibility

Most of the more noticeable differences that linked Crossplay users will experience will be with our unique blend of plugins, which have varying levels of Bedrock support.

Feature Compatibility
BedWars Mostly Compatible - respawn issues corrected, no currently known issues.
Enchanted Furnaces Furnaces are usable like normal when enchanted, but Bedrock players will likely have difficulty enchanting the furnaces. Assistance can be sought from other players or server staff, if all necessary materials are provided.
Hide & Seek Compatibility Improving - some players may experience issues with respawning, but it should work for most.
Homes Mostly Compatible - may see issues with removing homes from the GUI, can use commands instead.
PiggyBack Mostly Compatible - players are able to pick up other entities but may need to use the /shakeitoff command to put them back down.
Player Teleport Compatible by command only (see "Clickable Chat Elements" below)
Tab Location There's no Tab to see the player list or location info in Bedrock, but we've added the /location command to see what world you're in, and of course /list or /glist still work to see the player list.
VeinMiner Fully Compatible
Warps Fully Compatible

Clickable Chat Elements

The most noticeable difference will be the inability for Bedrock players to click on chat elements. Most of these will be links or command shortcuts. The necessary workaround commands will be listed below.

  • /tpaccept - Accepts a tp request from another player. This replaces the functionality of clicking the green check on a request.
  • /tpdeny - Denies a tp request from another player. This replaces the functionality of clicking the red X on a request.

Inherent Limitations

These are issues that the Geyser team is currently unable to fix due to the differences between the platforms.

  • Custom heads in inventories, including armor stand inventories. Placed heads should render correctly.
  • Clickable links in chat
  • Glowing effect
  • Crafting in the 2x2 menu while in creative mode
  • Distinguishing between left and right clicks in inventories.
  • Redstone dot blockstates
  • Potion colors implemented using NBT
  • Various command arguments for any command that doesn’t use the Minecraft Brigadier library
  • Anything that relies on tab complete or typing in the chat UI (related to the above) - Bedrock sends no packet that indicates they are in this menu
  • Unable to see banner layers past 6
  • Movement issues around bamboo due to offset differences between Java and Bedrock.
  • Custom anvil recipes
  • Dolphin’s Grace potion effect visuals (effects should still work correctly)
  • Invisible item frames
  • Blocks (excluding jack-o-lantern) on entity heads (E.G. armor stands, players)