Container Management

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Container Sorting

BadWolfMC has a chest sorting plugin for automatic organization. When enabled, the plugin works when closing a chest, sorting by the following: Category > Items > Name > Color > Custom Names. It's off by default but can be enabled with the /sort or /chestsort commands.


/sort on|off|toggle or /chestsort on|off|toggle - Enable/disable automatic chest sorting.

/sort hotkeys or /chestsort hotkeys - Open the hotkeys GUI to enable/disable hotkeys per player.

/sort help or /chestsort help - Display help about the /sort command


Sorting hotkeys are also available and individually configurable with the command. Please note that these must be disabled independently of the autosort (/sort on|off|toggle) using /sort hotkeys and can still be used even if autosort is toggled off.

Left-Click a container - Sorts the clicked container (chest, barrel, shulker box, etc.)

Left-Click outside inventory - Puts all matching stuff (except hotbar) into the chest, barrel etc.

Double-Left-Click outside inventory - Puts all items (except hotbar) into the chest, barrel etc.

Right-Click outside inventory - Puts matching items from the chest, barrel etc. into your inventory.

Double-Right-Click outside inventory - Empties the whole chest, barrel etc. into your inventory.

Container Protection

In addition to our Residence plugin, BadWolfMC uses a simple and powerful container protection tool to keep your valuables safe! While Residence also protects any chests within your res with the "container" flag, these sign-based protections are useful for any chest outside of your residence or in the wild when on the go. These protections can be placed on any container (chests, furnaces, hoppers, brewing stands, etc.) or doorways (doors, fence gates, etc.) with just a sign.

To lock a chest, for example, simply right click the chest with a sign in your hand. The plugin will automatically write [Private] on the first line followed by your username on the second. You can also manually enter these or claim a container for someone else if you happen to be shifting while placing the sign. Be careful if claiming for someone else! Unless you include yourself in the permissions you will no longer have access to that block! Only the person on the sign or an admin would be able to break it. You can otherwise cancel protections on your own items by manually breaking the sign.

Sign Modification

To change a sign that you have already created (with your name on it), simply right click the sign to select it, the plugin will display "Selected a sign." then type the command "/blocklocker <line number> <text>" where <line number> is the line number of the sign you wish to modify (e.g. 1, 2, 3, or 4) and the <text> is either additional users who can access the chest (one per line) or an additional modification as described in the features below.

Additional Features

Once a container is claimed you can add another sign to the same container (in the same way as before) which will auto-populate with [More Users]. You can then add additional users to the chest if you couldn't fit them all on the first line.

Timers are automatically added to doors, fence gates, etc. when locking the block, with a default duration of 2 seconds. This will make the door close automatically after being opened. To modify the default timer, change one of the lower lines on the sign to read [Timer:x] where "x" is the number of seconds before the door is toggled.

[Everyone] is also a valid tag if you want anyone to be able to access the block.

For example, if I wanted to set up a public chicken farm I would want to let everyone get through the fence gate, but I wouldn't want people to accidentally leave the gate open, so I would create a sign to look like this:


This will ensure that no little chickens escape because of an absent-minded member!

Signs can also have a [Redstone] tag, which when placed on the sign allows for redstone to affect the locked block. For doors, these will now accept a redstone signal to open, and for chests it will allow hoppers beneath them to remove the items (both disabled by default).

Signs also have group support, so you can limit access to certain ranks such as [Staff], [Diamond], [Gold], [Iron], and [Member]. Note that the higher-tier groups still have access to all the groups below (since our groups inherit permissions from each other).