Custom Recipes

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Here are all of the custom recipes on BadWolfMC! If you have ideas for more custom recipes please post them on the Ideas & Suggestions board!


Diamond Studded Leather Armor

Diamond Studded Leather Boots
Diamond Studded Leather Chestplate
Diamond Studded Leather Helmet
Diamond Studded Leather Leggings

Mob Drops

Minecraft String Item
String (only on Beta Server)


Elytra (only on Beta Server)
Name Tag
Enchanted Golden Apple

Tools and Custom Items

Brewing Guide (only on Alpha Server)


Building Blocks

Blackstone (only on Beta Server)
Cobbled Deepslate (only on Beta Server)
Crying Obsidian
Gilded Blackstone
Red Sand
Soul Soil (only on Beta Server)

Coral Blocks

Brain Coral Block
Bubble Coral Block
Fire Coral Block
Horn Coral Block
Tube Coral Block

Decoration Blocks

Bee Nest
Twisting Vines (only on Beta Server)
Weeping Vines (only on Beta Server)