PVP Arenas

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BadWolfMC has several PVP arenas with varying gamemodes spread across each of the servers. Most arenas can be accessed from the /games warp on the respective server.

List of PVP Arenas

Name Style/Description # of Players Server Access Location
King of the Ladder kotl; points based on CTF at the top of the tower 2-8 Alpha /fair or /games
BoomTown TNT; player kills; kinda buggy 2-4 Alpha /warp boomtown, /fair, or /games
FoundryPVP Kit/Class PVP 2 Alpha /citadel or /games
SlimeSpleef spleef 2-4 Alpha /fair or /games
The Satan Pit Kit PVP 2-4 Beta /games
Scarecrow Valley Team Deathmatch 2-8 Beta /games
SkyBattle Free For All 2-4 Beta /skyspawn
SkyShip Free For All 2-6 Beta /skyspawn
King of the Ladder
Scarecrow Valley
The Satan Pit