Resource Pack Troubleshooting

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Resource packs (RPs) allow your game to show different textures and items to better suit the game mode you are playing. BadWolfMC Gamma uses a custom RP made specifically for BadWolfMC to go on top of your existing RP (meaning both can be used simultaneously), and changes items that are not typically obtainable in vanilla Minecraft to appear like a new item in the game. Our wands, for example, are all special types of unobtainable blaze rods, so the Gamma experience would be very odd indeed without our custom textures. This article aims to address some of the issues that may be encountered when using server resource packs.

Using default client settings, upon joining BadWolfMC Gamma the server will prompt you to download and install the custom resource pack. Please allow this automatic download. The RP is relatively small, about 4mb, and may take a few moments to install the first time you log in. Thereafter you will not need to download the RP again unless it changes or you remove it from your computer. However, you will still experience a momentary pause every time you log into Gamma as the RP loads, and you will see Mojang's loading bar on the screen. This pause is normal. Download and load times will vary based on your internet connection and computer.

Issue 1: Minecraft will not download the resource pack

Problem: When you join the server it does not automatically download the RP

  • Go to your Minecraft Multiplayer menu and click on your BadWolfMC server listing ( Click "Edit" in the bottom left hand corner.
  • In the editor, make sure you have your "Server Resource Pack" set to "Enabled" or "Prompt". "Enabled" will automatically download the resource packs when you join Gamma and "Prompt" will ask you before the download begins. To save your settings, hit "Done".

Really, that should solve most instances of this problem. If it still does not work for you, try restarting your Minecraft client.

Issue 2: Resource pack gets stuck downloading at 100%.

Problem: Your "Server Resource Pack" is enabled already.
1. We have to go to our .minecraft folder for this issue. If you know how to get to your folder already, skip to step 4. If not, start by going to "Options" in your Minecraft home screen.

2. Then go to your "Resource Packs...".

3. Then go to "Open resource pack folder".

4. Now click on the ".minecraft" in the address bar of your Folder Explorer.

5. You should now see a list of folders, find the one called "server-resource-packs" and go into it.

6. If you can't find this folder, then right click in an empty area of your Folder Explorer and click "New", then "Folder". Name your new folder "server-resource-packs". This should fix your issue, you can stop here.
7. Once in the folder, delete everything in the folder.

Restart your Minecraft client and the issue should be fixed.

Issue 3: Minecraft crashes when downloading a resource pack.

You have Server Resource Packs enabled - if not, make sure it is enabled or prompted (see Issue 1). Some users may also receive an error without a crash, but an error message saying Internal Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter 'directory' is not a directory

  1. First, follow the steps in Issue 2 to get to your .minecraft folder.
  2. Once there, right click in an empty area of your Folder Explorer and click "New", then "Folder". Name your new folder "server-resource-packs".
  3. Now, restart your Minecraft client.

Issue 4: Gamma resource pack shows up in other BadWolfMC servers.

Problem: Your Gamma resource pack is showing up on Alpha or Beta. Since in a single session your client may recognize all of our servers as the same server, this issue will be pretty normal. However, the only items that would be affected would be chainmail armor. If this is unacceptable for you, follow the solution below while on the Alpha or Beta servers.
Solution: Restart your Minecraft client.

Issue 5: Stuck "unloading texture" when joining another server.

This can happen in any server, the solution will still work the same.

  • Follow the steps in Issue 2 OR
  • Follow the steps in Issue 2 to get to your .minecraft folder. Once there, delete the contents of folder called "server-resource-packs" or delete and recreate the entire folder.
  • Restart your Minecraft client.

Issue 6: I'm tired of messing with the automatic RP.

We highly recommend allowing the automatic download of the RP since the automatic handling will always download the latest updates. However, if you regularly experience difficulty loading the pack you can download the latest version as a standalone RP by clicking here. Do not unzip the file, but place it directly in your Resource Packs folder and ensure that it is the topmost pack in your "Selected Resource Packs" list. If you decide to download the RP manually, be sure to disable the automatic download by following the instructions in Issue 1 above. Since changes to the RP will not typically be announced, we recommend checking the version number and updating regularly, especially after server version updates.

For other issues with resource packs, please create a bug report on the BadWolfMC Forum for additional help.