Resource Worlds

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Resource Worlds
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Server Alpha & Gamma
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BadWolfMC uses resource worlds for one main reason: to make the main worlds last as long as possible. There's nothing worse than logging into a new server you're all excited about and finding the world mined out, all the shipwrecks pillaged, all the villages raided, etc. They also hold us over between minor updates to world generation so you can still get the fancy new beehives without having to do a complete world reset. Resetting the world is a pain in the ass and the admins are lazy. So that's why we're sticklers when it comes to keeping your mines and treasure hunting to our eco-friendly resource worlds.

Alpha Resource Worlds

BadWolfMC Alpha has three resource worlds corresponding to each vanilla world type: overworld, nether, and end. These worlds are reset approximately every 3 months and for world-altering updates. All raiding/looting/mining should be done in these worlds. Each can be accessed according to the table below, or by using homes and residences as normal.

World Name Type Warp /res tp
Resource World Overworld /resource resource
Resource Nether Nether /resourcenether resourcenether
Resource End End /resourceend resourceend

Gamma Resource Worlds

BadWolfMC Gamma has three resource worlds: uolɐʌ∀, Annwn, & Camlann, which are reset approximately every 6 months.

World Name Type Access
uolɐʌ∀ Overworld Mashup spell: Phase
Annwn Nether spell: Recall (once unlocked)
Camlann End spell: Recall (once unlocked)


uolɐʌ∀ is a dark and corrupted version of Avalon, in a parallel universe where Morgana was ultimately victorious and caused the collision of Avalon and Angrenost. It contains blocks from both the overworld and nether dimension (at lower levels) along with significantly increased levels of magical mobs, and it is patrolled by artificial life forms made up of blocks called "Automata" that run variations of Conway's Game of Life. New players are advised to dig down quickly when visiting uolɐʌ∀ until they are sufficiently leveled up -- you will otherwise die very quickly and may not be able to retrieve your items depending on the level of your recall spell.

Players can access uolɐʌ∀ by using the Phase spell, and like on Alpha, all raiding and mining should be done on uolɐʌ∀. But unlike Alpha, even mining around your base is forbidden on Avalon except for what's needed to create space for your builds.


Annwn is Gamma's resource nether dimension, generated in Minecraft version 1.16.1. Its portal is next to the Angrenost portal at Mount Etna, reached with the recall spell once unlocked or by traveling to the location on the map roughly 2500m south of spawn.


Camlann is, simply, Gamma's resource end dimension. It can be accessed only through the magical warp at Lyonnesse, roughly 2,000m north of Camelot.