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Wiki How To

Want to edit a page but it's protected? Most of the server build and tutorial pages are! For those, please suggest edits under the Discussion page (look for the tab at the top of the page). Some articles may not have Discussion pages yet and you are permitted to create them. Please be as thorough as possible in your suggestion and include example text if appropriate.

Infobox Templates

These are the templates for the information boxes shown on the right-hand side of a wiki article, for example on the Citadel page.

  • Player Infobox (used on player pages)
  • Build Infobox (used on individual builds)
  • Game Infobox (used on all games except for those in any other build category - instead you should include "Games" under the "Category" field in those infoboxes)
  • Town Infobox (used on groups of buildings involving more than two players)
  • Server Build Infobox (used only on admin/staff server builds)

Message Box Templates

These are the templates for the message boxes used at the top of articles to draw attention, notably at the top of stub pages or in tutorials to draw attention to warnings.

  • Article Message Box - This is the master message box template page with full instructions. All other message box templates are derived at least in part from this template.
  • Cleanup Message Box - These message boxes are used on articles that need cleanup. The basic code for use is {{Cleanup|reason=the article is full of bad spelling.|date=July 2018}}
  • Images Needed Template - This template is used for articles that need more or better images and can be inserted in a page by using {{images}} first thing on the page.
  • Stub Template - This template is used for stub pages that require expansion and can be inserted into a page by using {{stub}} first thing on the page.

Installed Wiki Plugins & Usage