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Atlantis from the east
Contributors Cesar, merc, Furio, Hokage_Hermes
Category Cities
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Started January 2018
Released 17 November 2018
Server Alpha
Dimension Gallifrey
Nearest warp Atlantis

Atlantis is a publicly available permanent server build on the BadWolfMC Alpha server, accessed by using /warp atlantis.


Atlantis made its debut on November 17, 2018 to celebrate the release of Minecraft 1.13: The Update Aquatic. Announced on May 21, 2018, Atlantis features the introduction of quests on the BadWolfMC Network. The build took approximately six months to complete and was further delayed by complications in upgrading the quests plugin to 1.13. It was BadWolfMC's second city after The Citadel.

Atlantis Lore

Once thought lost to time and space and sea... another ancient civilization has returned to BadWolfMC! Packed with more secrets than perhaps even the Doctor herself, we are proud to offer you the chance to discover Atlantis!

The Quest for the Heart of Atlantis

When you first climb the city steps, have a chat with Professor Carl Thascalos of Athens University, who is on a quest for the fabled Heart of Atlantis — an ancient vault rumored to house an artifact of incredible power and value.

Through a series of tasks that include battling monsters, finding hidden locations, and helping the townsfolk, assist Carl in finding the 9 pieces of the mystical artifact known as the Key to the Heart of Atlantis. Each piece must be found in order and returned to Carl in order to accept the next task.

Prizes for completing the quests include turtle eggs, a conduit, and an Atlantean Turtle Helmet with Respiration 10.

Discover Atlantis's Secrets

Atlantis has many hidden secrets and passages, including a hidden Black Market that houses a branch of the BadWolfMC Bank, Stormcage Atlantis, and even a Skarobucks where you can chat up the cute Dalekista!

The Quest Master, Professor Carl Thascalos
Stop by Skarobucks in the Atlantean Black Market for a quick pick-me-up!