BadWolfMC Delta

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BadWolfMC Delta
BadWolfMC Delta Spawn and the Tardis
Contributors Cesar, merc, Ca3lan, Jennyblaze
Category Server Builds
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Released 1 October 2022
Server Delta
Nearest warp spawn

BadWolfMC Delta is the fourth server of the BadWolfMC Network which houses the majority of our minigames including Bed Wars, Hide & Seek, Paintball, Parkour, and Elytra Challenges. Access the Delta server through the /menu or by using the /delta command. The current iteration of the Delta server was released at 9:00pm on Saturday October 1, 2022 as part of BadWolfMC's 6th Anniversary Celebration. It had previously been used as both an event and staging server, hosting previous anniversary games such as UHC and Bingo, and also hosting long-term features such as PhoenixSC's Among Us map and various HermitCraft world releases.