Bed Wars

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Bed Wars
Tardis Bed Wars Map
Inventor various
Category Games
# of Players 2-32
Public? Yes
Availability On Demand
Location Specific? Yes
Server Delta

Bed Wars is a popular minigame available on BadWolfMC Delta. It is a strategy game in which players battle opposing teams and try to destroy their beds to prevent them from respawning while simultaneously protecting their own bed from attacks.


Bed Wars was released on October 1, 2022 as part of BadWolfMC's 6th Anniversary Celebration alongside the release of a reimagined BadWolfMC Delta. At the time of release, Delta featured 6 Bed Wars maps including two BadWolfMC originals: "Mario" and "Tardis", and four classic maps: Amazon, Aquarium, Lighthouse, and Rooftop. The maps vary in size and can accommodate 2-8 teams of 1-4 players per team, depending on the map. Multiple games can be run simultaneously on different maps.

BadWolfMC Members are able to play Bed Wars only on the Delta server by clicking the hologram on the Bed Wars Island to select the desired map. Spectator mode for the match is available upon player death and for those who join the arena once a game is already in progress.

Game Play

Upon spawning in the map, players typically prefer to protect their team's bed, usually by placing blocks to slow any attackers. Blocks, items, and weapons can be purchased from team shops within the team's base using copper or gold ingots, which spawn on a timer from a set location in the base. Additional item spawners, such as diamonds and emeralds, can be found scattered around the map in more public areas. These higher-risk items allow for the purchase of team upgrades or better gear from the team shops.

The objective of the game is to destroy the beds of opposing teams, then the opposing teams themselves. A winning team is declared when all members of the opposing teams are eliminated.


BadWolfMC Bed Wars Maps
Map Photo Map Name Max Teams Max Players/Team Max Total Players
Amazon 8 4 32
Aquarium 4 4 16
Lighthouse 8 4 32
Lotus 8 4 32
Mario 4 2 8
Nutcracker BedWars map on BadWolfMC: An Adult Minecraft Server
Nutcracker (Seasonal) 8 4 32
Rooftop 8 4 32
Tardis 8 4 32
Toyland Bed Wars map on BadWolfMC: An Adult Minecraft Server
Toyland (Seasonal) 4 4 16