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Brewing is a feature available on BadWolfMC Alpha and in our magical worlds on BadWolfMC Gamma. Unlike in vanilla Minecraft it is not as easy as adding an ingredient to a brewing stand and waiting for it to finish. Depending on the recipe the whole process can be difficult and time consuming. Some recipes may need high precision in ingredients or any other step in the process. If even a single step is imprecise, the quality of the potions may suffer and you may experience side effects.

Depending on the recipe, not all steps may be needed. The following describes the more common procedures of brewing. Players are encouraged to experiment and refine their techniques.


Ferment ingredients in a cauldron placed over a fire

The first step consists of fermenting the fresh ingredients.

  1. Place a cauldron over a fire or campfire
  2. Fill the cauldron with water
  3. Add ingredients with a right click
  4. Wait while the ingredients ferment
  5. Use glass bottles to extract the fermented ingredients


Distill fermented ingredients in a brewing stand.
  1. Put the bottle with fermented ingredients into a brewing stand
  2. Use glowstone dust as a filter in the top slot of the brewing stand (the filter will not be consumed)


Barrels are needed for aging. There are three types: small, medium, and large. The small barrel is a regular Minecraft barrel, the medium and large barrels are specially built with the wood choice depending on the brew. Medium barrels are opened with a right click on the sign, the big barrels with a right click on the spigot (fence).

  • Put the distilled bottles into the barrels for aging.
  • Depending on the recipe, the type of wood used may alter the quality of the aged brew.
  • Aging times are in units of Minecraft days but listed on the final brew as years.
  • The barrel should not be destroyed while aging, as it would leak after a short while.
  • When breaking the spigot, everything inside will be dumped out.
How to build medium barrels for aging
How to build large barrels for aging

Small barrel

  1. Craft and place a Minecraft barrel.
  2. That's it! No sign required.
  3. The small barrel counts for recipes as oak wood.

Medium barrel

  1. Use 8 wooden stairs to build a barrel shape.
  2. Place a sign on the lower right side and write "Barrel" on the first line.

A "Barrel created" message should appear if the barrel was properly built.

Large barrel

Use 5 Fences, 16 Wooden stairs, and 18 wood planks to build a barrel shape. Attach a spigot (fence) and a sign that has "Barrel" written on the first line.

A "Barrel created" message should appear if the barrel was properly built. For the large barrel only, you may remove the sign after creating it.


The amount of alcohol inside the brew will be applied to the player when drinking. Depending on the quality of it, that may have different effects.

  • The player may not be able to walk normally anymore, they will weave, making it almost impossible to walk straight.
  • Effects like Blindness, Confusion, Poison etc. occur
  • Chat will be altered depending on drunkenness, many things players write may be incomprehensible, sometimes senseless - bypass this by enclosing your chat in asterisks (*)
  • If the alcohol is particularly strong it may have poisonous effects
  • After drinking a lot, there is a chance of vomiting
  • When logging off, the player may have difficulties reaching his character, thus some login attempts shortly after may be denied
  • After over-drinking the player may faint (disconnect)

Getting Sober

After drinking it takes a while until the alcohol is completely gone, but will steadily decrease after consumption. Eating bread, drinking milk, and consuming brews from the "Hangover Cures" category can also help to reduce drunkenness faster.

When logging off, extremely drunk players may log back in at a completely unknown place in the middle of nowhere having no idea how they got there. If they log back in after several hours or the next morning, they may also find themselves at /home again without any memories.

If the alcohol was not of the best quality, the player may also face a hangover (slowness and hunger).

Brew Handling


Crafting the Brew Sealing Table

Our shop plugin requires all of the items sold from a specific container to be exactly equal, which is accomplished by sealing your brews on a Brew Sealing Table. This table can be crafted with 2 bottles over 4 planks.

Putting similarly brewed bottles in this table equalizes them so that they cannot be aged or modified any further. They will no longer show the finer details of the brew, but they can now be sold in larger batches.


Did your brew not turn out quite as good as you hoped? "Dump" the brew into a hopper with a shift+right-click to empty the bottle for reuse in your next batch! Or, you know, just drink it and see what happens...


BadWolfMC has both permanent and seasonal recipes that can be won, purchased, or discovered through experimentation. Recipes can be stored in-game in Dr. Totter's Practical Guide to Pungent Potions, a magical book that keeps track of which recipes you've unlocked and displays the selected recipe in a book GUI for the user. The Guide can be obtained on Alpha through a custom recipe or on Gamma through a quest given by Mayor Aesalon.

Some basic recipes are listed below. These are automatically unlocked in your recipe book. Clues to seasonal recipes are also available on the forum.


ingredients: Wheat/3
fermentation time: 8 minutes
distillations: 0
wood: birch
age: 2 days
difficulty: 1/10
alcohol content: 5%


ingredients: Wheat/6
fermentation time: 8 minutes
distillations: 0
wood: any
age: 3 days
difficulty: 1/10
alcohol content: 6%


ingredients: Honeycomb/6, Sugar_Cane/2
fermentation time: 3 minutes
distillations: 0
wood: oak
age: 4 days
difficulty: 2/10
alcohol content: 9%

Sweet Apple Mead

ingredients: Honeycomb/6, Sugar_Cane/2, Apple/2
fermentation time: 4 minutes
distillations: 0
wood: oak
age: 4 days
difficulty: 4/10
alcohol content: 12%

Spiced Rum

ingredients: Sugar_Cane/14
fermentation time: 5 minutes
distillations: 2
wood: oak
age: 14 days
difficulty: 6/10
alcohol content: 30%


ingredients: Potato/10
fermentation time: 15 minutes
distillations: 3
difficulty: 4/10
alcohol content: 20%


ingredients: Grass/15
fermentation time: 3 minutes
distillations: 6
distillation time: 80 minutes
difficulty: 8/10
alcohol content: 45%


ingredients: Cocoa_Beans/12, Milk_Bucket/2
fermentation time: 2 minutes
difficulty: 3/10