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All of your money and shop needs!

General Economy Commands

  • /bal or /balance or /money - This will tell you your current balance of in-game currency.
  • /bank - This command warps you to the BadWolfMC Bank located in the mall.
  • /menu - Selecting the Bank icon in the main menu will open a GUI-based version of our bank, allowing you to make deposits, withdrawals, and trade mob drops from the comfort of your base!
  • /pay [username] [amount] - Followed by a username and dollar amount (e.g. /pay mercurialmusic 5) this command will transfer funds from your in-game account to the target player.


The easiest way to get money on the network is with a job, which pays for doing things you'd be doing anyway. Each player is allowed two jobs at a time that they can level up as they progress, which provides a slight increase in pay as you move up the corporate ladder. You can quit or join jobs at anytime, and re-joining a job will put you back at the same level you were when you quit, although you will lose any progress towards the next level.


Workers in the following fields:

  • Brewer - earns money brewing potions.
  • Builder - earns money for building structures.
  • Crafter - earns money from crafting items.
  • Enchanter - earns money enchanting weapons.
  • Farmer - earns money farming crops and animals.
  • Fisherman - earns money from fishing.
  • Hunter - earns money killing animals and monsters.
  • Miner - earns money mining minerals and ores.
  • Weaponsmith - earns money from crafting and repairing weapons.
  • Woodcutter - earns money felling and planting trees

Job Commands

  • /jobs - access the help menu; view additional screens by clicking "next page" in chat.
  • /jobs browse - look through the list of jobs!
  • /jobs info [jobname] - shows what you can get paid for and your current pay rates (note that the higher level you are in a job, the higher your multiplier is for these base rates).
  • /jobs join [jobname] - join the job!
  • /jobs leave [jobname] - leaves the specified job.
  • /jobs leave all - quit all your jobs.
  • /jobs quests - view any active daily quests for your job. Quests give a bonus payout if the conditions are met - note that not all jobs have quests.
  • /jobs stats - shows your current levels and JobsXP.
  • /jobs top [jobname] - shows the top players in a job.
  • /jobs gtop - shows the global top 15.


Shops can be rented in the BadWolfMC Mall at spawn or created by players in any area of the server where you have build permissions.

Mall Shop Renting Rules

  • Each player is limited to two rental units in the Alpha Mall and you may combine shops if you wish on floors 1-3; due to high demand, players are limited to one shop on the first floor (although they may still get another on a higher level). Players are limited to one rental unit in the Gamma Mall and shops cannot be combined.
  • Mall rental spaces are reserved for shops only. Squatters will be evicted, ads will be removed, etc.
  • Once rented you will have 7 days to put items up for sale in your shop. After that it will be reclaimed and made available for someone else to rent. Likewise, inactive shops are also regularly cleared at the sole discretion of the admins.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your rent is current or that you have enough in your account for the auto-renew. We cannot retrieve items lost to a shop reversion!
  • The Residence cleaning bypass for supporters does not apply to rental units! If your rent expires or if the shop is considered abandoned by the admins it will be reverted as usual.
  • When it comes to the malls, if you break it you bought it — but in a good way. If you're able to break the block you can customize it. We only request that walls remain opaque and solid — many shops do not have an extra block between them (exception: combining your shop with another).

Additional Economy Rules

  • Prices on some items such as iron, gold, and diamonds are set by the BadWolfMC Bank. Attempting to sell these items for less than the bank price to cheat the economy could result in a ban. Prices on all other items are set by the players/economy itself, but advanced-game items must be priced reasonably high enough so as not to be too easily obtainable. Please see the table below for some example price minimums on popular items.
  • Re-selling items is prohibited. That is, buying items from other shops to sell in your own. That is playing an economy, not Minecraft. In case you weren’t sure, we’re here for Minecraft. Purchasing component parts is ok as long as the purchased parts make up less than 50% of any single item you are selling, unless you otherwise have an agreed-upon arrangement in writing with the seller.
Minimum Prices
Item Minimum Price
Enchanted Book (all types) $200
Nether Star $1500
Netherite Ingot $500
Wither Skull $500

Shop Creation

  • Place a chest on the ground
  • Place a sign within 1 block of the chest (for example, above it or on it)
  • On the sign, write (for example):
[leave blank]
B 10:5 S
  • The first line will be automatically filled with your name by the plugin
  • The second line is the amount of items to buy or sell in each transaction.
  • The third line is a combination of buy and sell prices. You need to have a price indicator (like 'B' - price that will apply to items BOUGHT by PLAYERS - or 'S' - the SELL price that you will pay players when they sell the item to you) near the price - the prices are separated by a colon : Some of the possible price combinations: "B 5:5 S", "B 5", "S free"
  • The fourth line will hold the id/name of the item. Write "?" on the sign and the item will be autofilled with whatever is already in the chest or you can click on the sign with the item afterwards.
  • Optionally you can put the actual name of the item on the fourth line. You can find out the name of the item that you're holding by using the /iteminfo command.

Shop Commands

  • /iteminfo - Get information about the item in your hand
  • /iteminfo <id/name> - Get information about the item with the given id or name
  • /cstoggle - Toggle buy and sell notificiation messages

How To Not Go Bankrupt

When adding the S tag to allow players to sell items to you, it might be useful to fill your chest with another item like dirt, leaving one or two slots open to receive the items you're purchasing. By doing this you can control exactly how many stacks of items can be sold to you and limit the drain on your bank account. For example, if you want to buy diamonds from players you might fill a 27-stack chest with 26 dirt pieces. Now all they can sell you is a single stack since beyond that the chest is considered full and will not accept any more items. If all 27 stacks were open you could lose a lot of money very quickly.

Trading Post

Now you can more easily trade with any member of the community using the BadWolfMC Trading Post! Trade items, money, XP, Pets, & even Residences!

Based in a handy GUI, it does take a little playing around to get used to it, but it's quite a powerful little tool. Hover over the items at the bottom of the GUI for explanations and instructions, then once you're satisfied with the trade click the red panes of glass on your side of the screen to turn them green and accept the trade. There's a short warm-up in case you change your mind, then the trade is finalized.

  • /trade [playername] - Sends trade offer
  • /trade accept - Accept to currently pending trade request (or click the offer notification in chat).
  • /trade deny - Refuses trade request (or click the "[X]" next to the notification in chat).
  • /trade block [playername] - Blocks trade requests from player (per user)
  • /trade toggle - Toggles the ability for you to receive trade offers at all.