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Contributors Cesar, merc
Category Public Resources
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started September 2016
Released 1 October 2016
Server Alpha
Dimension End
Nearest warp EndGrinder

The BadWolfMC EndGrinder is a publicly available server build on the BadWolfMC Alpha server, accessed by using /warp endgrinder or the shortcut /endgrinder.


The EndGrinder uses the superfast 1.8 enderman/endermite mechanic showcased by docm77 in which mobcap is reached within seconds, providing a steady stream of endermen to torture and kill for an excellent source of XP and ender pearls. Pearls are collected by hoppers underneath the killing floor and are funneled to chests near the EndGrinder entrance. Players should hit the button at the entrance to empty the chests when full.

Additional Features

In addition to the grinder itself the EndGrinder features two free enchanting tables and anvils for player use. Players can also purchase cheap iron swords so they don't have to wear down their own, and there are also two repair signs located over the crafting tables for the items that you can't bear to part with when too expensive to repair, mending is impossible, or you're too lazy to get the levels. Each repair is currently priced at $10,000 to keep the mechanic balanced.

Pro Tips

  • Don't look down.
  • Endermen sometimes drop their skulls when killed. If it doesn't go into your inventory check the chests -- these can be sold to any bank location for $1 each.
  • Watch out for holes in the floor.