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BadWolfMC Gamma
BadWolfMC Gamma Spawn
Contributors Cesar, merc, GolighRunes, Hokage_Hermes, FurioCraft, Mommy_D
Category Server Builds
Underground? ?
Public? Yes
Started 24 October 2018
Released 30 July 2019
Server Gamma
Nearest warp Camelot

BadWolfMC Gamma is the third server in the BadWolfMC Network and features our magical survival worlds. It was willed into being at 10:00am on Wednesday October 24, 2018, opened for beta testing on July 25, 2019, and widely released on July 30, 2019.

While not intended to be an RPG server, Gamma will have storylines, quests, and other RPG elements over time.

Resource Pack

Gamma requires a custom resource pack (RP), and by default you will be prompted to allow the server to download it automatically for you (recommended). The RP is relatively small and may take a few moments to install the first time you log in. Thereafter you will not need to download the RP again unless it changes or you remove it from your computer. However, you will still experience a momentary pause every time you log into Gamma as the RP loads. This pause is normal. Download and load times will vary based on your internet connection and computer. Please note that this is a customized version of the RP made specifically for BadWolfMC -- similar versions from other sources will not work. Click here for solutions to common RP problems.

This custom resource pack is intended to go on top of your favorite resource pack (or the default). It changes items that are (for the most part) not obtainable in vanilla Minecraft, allowing you to keep the look you prefer. We highly recommend either allowing the automatic installation or downloading the standalone pack since otherwise the Gamma experience will be very odd indeed. If the default resource pack is too heavy for your computer, a lower res version is also available here.

Game Play Highlights

Gamma's Magic gamemode is quite different from what players have grown accustomed to on our Alpha and Beta servers. Many commands in Gamma have been disabled and replaced by spells which are learned and improved over time by use and advancing through the game.

Your First Wand

The first thing players should do upon spawning in Gamma is to collect the pieces for and craft their first wand. This process is facilitated by a quest given by the mayor in the Town Hall. Upon crafting their first wand, players will have three spells in their wand inventories: Magic Missile, Recall, and Phase.

  • Magic Missile is your basic offensive and defensive spell, which increases in power and range as the spell is leveled up. Over time it will likely replace most uses of both sword and bow.
  • Recall is your basic warp spell. By default players only have access to the "Camelot" (spawn) and "WitherArena" warps, but can unlock additional warps by visiting those locations on the map. Recall somewhat replaces "/back" functionality (which is disabled) and, as the spell is leveled up, will add the ability to return to your last death location and to add a marker that functions as an extra mobile home. Please note that the usual Residence and /homes command-based behavior persists on Gamma.
  • Phase is similar to Recall but has one very important function: it allows you to phase through dimensions to the parallel world of uolɐʌ∀, Gamma's resource world.

Magical Worlds

Avalon & Angrenost

Much like on BadWolfMC Alpha, resource gathering on Gamma is prohibited in Avalon (main overworld) and Angrenost (the nether), and is instead limited to Camlann (The End) and the world on "the other side": uolɐʌ∀. However, there should be no mining at all on Avalon, not even around your base, except for any areas you need to clear to build your base. Avalon & Angrenost are considered permanent worlds and do not have a reset schedule. Your builds are safe in these worlds.

uolɐʌ∀, Annwyn, & Camlann

uolɐʌ∀ is a dark and corrupted version of Avalon, in a parallel universe where Morgan le Fay was ultimately victorious. It contains increased levels of magical mobs and is patrolled by dragons and artificial life forms made up of blocks called "Automata" that run variations of Conway's Game of Life. Players can access uolɐʌ∀ by using the Phase spell, and like on Alpha, all raiding and mining should be done on uolɐʌ∀.

Annwyn and Camlann are Gamma's resource nether and end dimensions, respectively. Camlann can only be accessed through the magical temple at Lyonnesse (approx. 2,000 blocks north of spawn), while Annwyn can be accessed through the temple at Mt. Etna (approx. 2,500 blocks south of spawn). The trip to each temple must only be made once since each location will unlock a recall location.

All three worlds are reset approximately every 6 months.


Due to a glitch in the Time Matrix, nether and end portals are all permanently disabled. Instead, explore Avalon to discover the temples that house the magical portals to these worlds. When these temples are discovered you will also unlock the associated magical warps that can be used with your Recall spell, then of course homes and residences can be used as normal.

The Old Favorites

As mentioned, many, but not all, functions have been taken over by Magic. We've included a reference table of selected features here so you know what to expect:

Feature Gamma Status Reason/Notes
/back disabled replaced by Recall (with upgrade)
BlockLocker enabled There is a spell for this, but we disabled it in favor of better functionality with BlockLocker.
/condense & /uncondense enabled Gold & Diamond only
Disposal Signs enabled while there is a spell for this that is still enabled, these signs still have a place
Enchanted Furnaces enabled duh
Elevator Signs enabled while there are spells for this that are still enabled, these signs still have a place
Homes enabled home sweet home
Residence enabled do be careful of swinging your wand around in other people's residences - gets a bit spammy
/spawn disabled replaced by Recall > "Camelot"
tpa/tpahere disabled replaced by spell
Trade enabled still useful
VeinMiner mostly disabled replaced by multiple spells
/warps (by command) disabled replaced by Recall

The New Friends

XP Bottler

Introduced with the release of BadWolfMC Gamma, now you can store your excess XP for later use or for sale in your shop. Simply left click any cauldron (or some additional special bottler blocks) with an empty glass bottle, which the bottler will fill with 10 experience points from 12 of your own XP (cost of 2xp per bottle). A shift+left-click will convert 10 bottles at a time.

There are two additional bottler blocks beyond the regular cauldrons that can be used, both in Camelot:

  • The enchanting table at the top of The Enchantress's Tower in Camelot
  • Merlin's enchanting table at the top of his tower.


On BadWolfMC Gamma you can get drunk in game while you get drunk in real life! Far from your average brewing, ingredients must also be fermented, distilled, and aged properly, with many recipes to try and discover. And be careful not to drink too much!


Why can't I teleport to my friends?!

You can. You just have to earn it first. :) Look for the "Transmat" spell or use your homes or the extra marker in the "Recall" spell near the homes of players you visit often, with their permission of course.

I just earned a new spell but it disappeared!

Each wand has several pages in its spell inventory to allow room for several hundred spells. Likely your spell went to another page. To turn the pages you can click an empty slot in the main body of your wand inventory (not the hotbar), click outside of your wand inventory, or use your drop key to cycle through the inventory pages - you'll probably find your spell in one of these. Use an empty space in your hotbar to move spells around and organize your spell inventory as you see fit.

Where can I mine?

Quite strictly, only in uolɐʌ∀ (The Other Side - overworld resources), Annwyn (nether resources), & Camlann (end resources). In Avalon and Angrenost both, only clear out areas you need to build your base and no more.

My wand is closed but my main inventory still has spells in it!?

Always be sure to close your wand before logging out or before a server restart. If you log out with your wand inventory open, the game may save your wand inventory as your main inventory, making your main inventory difficult or impossible to retrieve.

How do I level up?

Obtain all of the spells in your current level to graduate to the next. This is intended to be a slow process. Spells also have their own individual level system, dependent on where you are on your mage path and how many times you've successfully cast the spell.

My cooldowns don't match up - what's going on?

Spells have individual cooldown timers depending on the level of the spell. As you level up and as you level up the spell, those cooldown timers will decrease. However, your wand also has a built-in cooldown in the form of Mana, which is essentially your energy level. If you deplete your Mana, you will not be able to cast a spell until your Mana sufficiently regenerates. Different spells have different Mana costs per cast, so the cooldown timer shown may also be affected by your Mana level.

Why are my spells being undone?!

Many spells have only temporary effects - especially those that alter the world. This doesn't make them less dangerous as serious damage can still be inflicted. The permanent world-altering spells are mostly limited to the Engineer level.