Krop Tor

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External view of Sanctuary Base 6 on Krop Tor with K37 Gem 5 in the background.
Contributors Cesar, merc, GolighRunes, TBonDc
Category Server Builds
Underground? Mixed
Public? Yes
Started 21 July 2020
Released 1 October 2020
Server Alpha
Dimension Tardis
Nearest warp Tardis

Krop Tor: The Impossible Planet is a publicly available server build and the first dungeon on the BadWolfMC Alpha server, accessed by selecting the Krop Tor icon in the /warps menu.

History & Game Play

Krop Tor made its debut on October 1, 2020 as part of BadWolfMC's four year anniversary celebration. The dungeon is comprised of four unlockable stages that include escape rooms, puzzles, mazes, and, of course, terrifying monsters. Progression through the dungeon is saved at the start of each stage through an individual warp permissions system that unlocks new warp icons in the Krop Tor menu. Completing the dungeon awards the player with a special version of the Infernal Furnace, enchanted with Fortune 5.


Welcome to Sanctuary Base 6! Current home of the Walker Expedition, sponsored by the Torchwood Archive. This is the second expedition to Krop Tor, with the mission to drill to the center of the planet to discover the power source keeping it seemingly impossibly in orbit around K37 Gem 5, a black hole. Sadly, Captain Walker was killed when the ship crash-landed on approach to Krop Tor. Second in command, Zachary Cross Flane, has assumed command and is overseeing the operation.