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The BadWolfMC Mail Service was a graphical user interface (GUI) -based messaging platform used on BadWolfMC from Minecraft 1.10 to 1.12.2 that allowed players to send:

  • Letters (text only messages)
  • Packages (in-game items)
  • Payments (in-game money)
  • Experience (XP points -- not levels)

Unfortunately the plugin died in Minecraft 1.13 and was not used frequently enough to pursue an update.

How it worked

Players can turn chests into mailboxes that, when clicked, opens the easy to use GUI to manage your mail.

To create a mailbox, place the chest you want to use -- this must be a dedicated chest, so you won't be able to store anything in it. Once placed type "/mailbox set", punch the chest you wish to set, and you're ready to go! Use "/mailbox remove" to unregister a targeted chest, or "/mailbox removeall" to remove all of your registered mailboxes.

There are several mailboxes set up around the server, and you can use any registered mailbox (whether you set it up or not). To find the mailbox closest to you just type "/mailbox find" and a beacon effect should appear over any nearby boxes. Maybe.

Players were allowed mailboxes according to the following table:

Member Iron Gold Diamond
2 3 5 10