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Member Ranks


Guest is our default user group assigned to everyone when they first join the network. Guests cannot break or place blocks and are limited to exploring the servers and chatting. To become a member, guests must apply following the directions at https://www.badwolfmc.com/membership-application.


Members are those who have completed the application process and have been approved. They enjoy full crafting/building privileges in the wilderness along with:

And access to SkyBlock, the BadWolfMC Discord server, Enchanted furnaces, VeinMiner, PiggyBack, Jobs, and our Resource Worlds.

Iron Member

These members show their support through their time spent on the server and community building. It is our only non-donor rank above member, earned because they worked hard for it!

Iron Pick.png
  • 1 additional sethome!
  • 1 additional 123x123 plot!
  • 2 additional 50x50 residences!
  • [Iron] prefix in game and on the forums!
  • Exclusive discounts on Gold membership! (see the forum for info)

This rank can only be purchased with 150 loyalty points from the BadWolfMC Rewards Shop!

Gold Contributor

Show your support of BadWolfMC with the one-time Gold Contributor package! This will grant you the [Gold] prefix in game and the following perks:

Gold Pick.png
  • No more TP timer! Go where you want when you want to!
  • 5 sethome locations and 10 100x100 residences!
  • 6 123x123 plots on the creative PlotWorld!
  • Craft most 3x3 blocks from ingots and dusts with the /condense command!
  • Wear any item or block as a hat! Just use the /hat command.
  • Bypass Residence auto-cleanup!
  • 1 free month of Diamond rank

The Gold Contributor package is good for the lifetime of the Minecraft account. Username changes to your account will not affect your Gold rank, but account swaps will not carry over.

Diamond Contributor

Show your support of BadWolfMC with the Diamond Contributor subscription package! This rank requires the purchase of the "Gold" package and will grant you the [Diamond] prefix in game and the following perks:

Diamond Pick.png
  • All of the Gold Contributor perks
  • No AFK auto-kicks!
  • 8 123x123 plots on the creative PlotWorld!
  • 10 sethomes and 15 100x100 residences.
  • Backpacks! Open a shulker box directly from your inventory with a shift+right-click!
  • Custom color nickname! (message an admin in game to set your nick)
  • Customize chat, items, & signs! (using vanilla color codes)
  • Unlock all available pets!
  • More perks to come!

Multiple months can be purchased for discounts.

Staff Ranks

BadWolfMC Staff are chosen by the owners. There is no application and no staff donation rank. They work their pixels off to keep things running smoothly and to give you the best experience possible!


These are the ones that help the owners make the things!

Ca3lan Casual mummywummy
Birthday: August 15
Location: Tennessee, USA
Favorite MC Item: slime block
Birthday: August 30
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Favorite MC Item: Cupid's Bow
Birthday: October 29
Location: England, UK
Favorite MC Item: smooth stone
ShimmiSham SirGruut
Birthday: June 3
Location: USA
Favorite MC Item: honey block
Birthday: December 4
Location: Belgium
Favorite MC Item: sea lantern


These are the ones that help keep the peace!

Cason KhuKhu Outlaw
Birthday: January 16
Location: Florida, USA
Favorite MC Item: elytra
Birthday: July 17
Location: California, USA
Favorite MC Item: bow
Birthday: February 11
Location: Minnesota, USA
Favorite MC Item: enchanted turtle helmet

Master Builder

This is the H.B.I.C. (Head Builder In Charge).

Birthday: October 8
Location: New York, USA
Favorite MC Item: stripped birch log


This is the H.B.I.C. (Head Bitch In Charge).

Birthday: April 13
Location: Maryland, USA
Favorite MC Item: end rod


These are the server owners! They do, well, pretty much everything.

CesarMC13 mercurialmusic
Birthday: July 13
Location: El Salvador
Favorite MC Item: bone
Birthday: August 26
Location: North Carolina, USA
Favorite MC Item: Cesar's bone