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BadWolfMC Seasonal Events
The Haunted Mansion
Contributors Cesar, merc, GolighRunes, Ca3lan, JBizzle, Outlaw, AzurexeruzAog, TBonDc
Category Holiday
Public? Yes
Released seasonally
Server Alpha
Dimension Events
Nearest warp various

BadWolfMC has a few regular seasonal events, largely hosted on BadWolfMC Alpha. These include the Valentine's Build Contest, the Easter Egg Hunt, the Halloween Event, and the Winter Event.

Valentine's Build Contest

Hosted in a special little pocket universe on Alpha that will allow your imagination to prance through the flowery meadow of creative mode. Go to /vday or travel from Cupid’s Corner at /spawn to claim your plot and get building! All plots are 51x51x250 and are reserved by using the (free) Residence rental signs located on the southeast corner of each plot.

Prizes include Cupid's Arrowhead (a nether star) for third place, Cupid's Wings (enchanted elytra) for second place, and the coveted Cupid's Bow (bow enchanted with Power 10, Infinity, Flame, Mending, & Unbreaking 3) for first place.

Past Winners

Year Winners
2017 1st - Mizu_Sky

2nd - Hokage_Hermes

3rd - iCanon

2018 1st - Mechelle373

2nd - James_Night

3rd - Mob_Meal, Chrystla, & darksapphyre

2019 1st - LizzieLadyBug

2nd - Hokage_Hermes & Triscuiit

3rd - Chrystla, JennyBlaze, & JrFreshPrince

2020 1st - AzurexeruzAog

2nd - GolighRunes

3rd - sphere

2021 1st - OKillerCupcakeO

2nd - SirGruut & Lotus_Blume

3rd - OpalSuture & Gr8D4ne

2022 1st - fkncasual

2nd - Hokage_Hermes

3rd - Casonacademy & Mechelle373

2023 1st - Wrenclade

2nd - LizzieLadyBug

3rd - illaena

Easter Egg Hunt

Roll out for our popular Easter Egg Hunt with over 200 eggs hidden in over 90 chests throughout the Alpha server. Find them all and trade them in to the Easter Bunny for collectible items! All server builds are potential hiding spots. No blocks need to be broken to access any eggs, and no eggs are hidden on player property.

The Easter event also features our invisible Cloud Maze for endless cursing and pinky cramps. Access it by jumping into the rabbit hole at spawn!


A long time ago, in a galaxy… just a little ways off, really — it’s not that far, only over on BadWolfMC Gamma. And it happens every May so “a long time ago” doesn’t quite fit either. Anyway… Stars is our annual celebration of the Star Wars universe. Player can choose to join forces with the Rebels or the Empire as they blast through puzzles and mazes to build their very own saber, only available during this event, which they can take with them back to Avalon!

Episode One: The Scourge of Geonosia


The Clone Wars have ended and the EMPIRE has emerged from the former Galactic Republic, vowing to crush its enemies with a vengeance. The war machine of GEONOSIA, once known for its massive droid factories, is now rumored to be constructing a SUPER WEAPON for the EMPIRE. But intelligence reports from the desert planet suggest that something has gone horribly wrong between the EMPIRE and the GEONOSIANS.


"The Scourge of Geonosia" was the first installment in the Stars event, available May 4 through May 15, 2022.


The Great Pumpkin at /spawn will whisk you away to a land of night terrors, where bizarre creatures prowl the grounds, and a dark mansion lures you inside with the promise of danger and reward (also use /halloween).

The Haunted Mansion

Visit the library where the books wander off their shelves to attack unsuspecting victims, or the ghostly ballroom where the apparitions quickly lose their tempers if you get too close. And be careful in the kitchens -- the undead cooks tend to throw their sherry bottles. Things start to get strange on the second floor -- something seems to have gone very wrong here. Explore the many rooms and battle the creatures that remain to avenge the fallen and loot the rare treasure. The more adventurous will discover hidden rooms — has anyone else noticed that this house seems to grow new rooms every year?! And stumble through the secret entrance to The Labyrinth of the Damned, where those who persevere will be greatly rewarded. Proceed to the upper floors if you dare -- thick with danger and mystery, only the most courageous will make it to the theater in the apex of the mansion, where menacing creatures make their nest. Do you dare disturb them?


New in 2022, experience our most ambitious Halloween update yet! So you’re dead and doomed to haunt your old house for no less than 125 years, and the new inhabitants are just so… different! Can you get rid of them by yourself? Or will you resort to getting help from… freelancers?! And watch out for those sand worms!

Full of puzzles, mini quests, mind-boggling mechanics, and stunning visuals, our Beetlejuice event is sure to keep you entertained! Find the entrance through the north-east tunnel from Halloween Town!

The Monster House

New in 2021, Meet the Haunted Mansion’s little sister — buried alive in a tragic accident, her spirit possesses the house and eats everyone and everything that wanders too close, while her dutiful husband watches over her and really wants the damned kids to stay off his lawn! Find the entrance through the north-west tunnel from Halloween Town!

The Lair of the Poltergeist

Carved into the mountains behind the mansion, find the entrance to the Poltergeist’s Lair. Peeves has haunted the mansion for years — now discover his dark roots. Bring your sword, and maybe some extra Depends. And be sure to have sounds on.

The Pink Palace Apartments

Tucked in the misty woods of Oregon, a sinister spinster has waited for centuries, luring away any children who get too close with promises of a better life — only to steal their souls. Can you uncover the Pink Palace’s dark secrets and unravel the Beldam’s web? Defeat her for chances of netherite ingots and other hidden loot! Find the entrance on the other side of our Halloween Town!

Trick or Treat!

Halloween Town has gotten into the spooky spirit! Follow the trail near the /halloween warp to check out the creepy decor, battle a few undead monsters, and search for the candy baskets hidden around the town for fun treats!

Costume Contest & Pumpkin Carving!

Join us for our annual pumpkin carving and costume contest! Dress in your most ghoulish getup and have a scary good time! The festivities last each year until 11:00pm EST on October 31, when the contests will be judged.

Beetlejuice on BadWolfMC
The Monster House
The Monster House
The Lair of the Poltergeist
The Lair of the Poltergeist
The Pink Palace
The Pink Palace
Pumpkin Carving Contest
Pumpkin Carving Contest

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

BadWolfMC's Winter Wonderland event runs annually from early-December to mid-January. Accessed from Santa's Sleigh in the BadWolfMC Alpha spawn's seasonal corner or via the /winter warp, the event is sugarplum jam-packed with things to do and see, facilitated by quests

Winter Quests

Talk to the Ticket Witch in the train station for individual quests that will take you all around our winter wonderland! Gain a small reward for each, but complete at least 6 and turn in your cookies to Santa for a special set of Elf Boots! These boots give you a nice little speed boost and even come with Mending!

The Nutcracker Suite

Nutcracker Suite
Nutcracker Suite

From the giant statue above the Arctic Village’s Ice Rink, tumble through the mouse hole into a realm of sugarplums and tin soldiers. Explore the oversized landscape and discover hidden treasures, some seemingly high out of reach. Find the secret entrance to the Bookcase Challenge where you can navigate a mini-maze and mini-parkour course for cash. And finally, locate the hidden entrance to the Lair of the Mouse King, where you can battle against the rancorous rodent and his minions!

Sugar Plum Realm

Sugar Plum Realm
Sugar Plum Realm

Once you’ve defeated the Mouse King, let the Nutcracker whisk you off to the realm of the Sugar Plum Fairy! She has a present under her tree just for you that we know you will love!

The Realm of Winterbolt

Previously thought to have been safely locked away, the big baddie who originally labeled the atypical toys as Misfits and deported them to a secluded island is threatening to escape and unleash his icy terror on the world once more! Find the secret entrance in Santa's Workshop and navigate the treacherous Ice Maze to defeat the evil Winterbolt and reclaim the Misfit Toys' green cards!

Jack Skellington’s Spooky Ski Slopes!

Jack Skellington's Spooky Ski Slopes
Jack Skellington's Spooky Ski Slopes

New in Winter 2020, these are guaranteed to be the steepest slopes you ever did ski! Drop in to ride the ski lifts up to the top and see what Jack has in his bag for you! Find the entrance to this special ski resort in a hollowed-out tree near the giant snowman!

Winter Wonderland Build Contest

A tradition started in Winter 2020 is a special build contest in which the winner each year will be featured in the Winter Wonderland in one of the first plots you see when stepping off the train platform! Additional prizes are awarded to everyone who participates. The entrance to the contest can be found at the end of the street opposite Santa’s Workshop!

Past Winners

Year Winners
2020 Hokage_Hermes
2021 Ca3lan & Zsnake626
2022 Maria_Baa
2023 Your Name Here

The Great BadWolfMC Gift Exchange

Another tradition started in Winter 2020 was the Great BadWolfMC Gift Exchange. Participants can claim a chest at the center of the Winter Wonderland Build Contest then fill up other people’s chests with presents! Don’t open until Dec. 25!

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Our oldest winter tradition since 2016 - find the lost presents hidden around the entire Winter Wonderland event then return the presents to Santa Claus (in his office) for loot!