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Active Stores

Players should list individual items they sell in the Mall Directory at /res tp! The following list is by no means exhaustive, but is simply populated occasionally from the #shop-listings channel on the BadWolfMC Discord server.

Store Name Items Owner Buys/Sells Server Location Res TP
BadWolfMC Art Gallery Custom Paintings server sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.artgallery
BadWolfMC Market Decorative Heads server sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall warp market
BadWolfMC Pawn Shop Seasonal Mob Drop Purchaser server buys Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.pawn
The Rusty Urchin Prismarine/Sea Lanterns, Iron, Quartz, Gunpowder, Gravel, Sand Cesar & merc sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.rusty
Mob's Thrift Shop Shulker boxes, Sea Lanterns, Saddles, Horse Armor, Redstone, Coal Mob_Meal sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall3r
Mall of America Lots! EatingAssIsArt buys & sells Alpha Gallifrey MallOfAmerica
Discerning Decor Carpets, concretes, glazed terracotta, and all sorts of various wooden items; special orders PhobicTeapot sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall3x
Cason's WalMart Food, blocks, useful items, armor, lots of enchanted books Casonacademy sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall1e
Moonie's Shop All dyes, cobwebs, melons, pumpkins, chorus plant products, golden carrots, zombie villager kits, starter kits, shears, enchanted books MoonPhazed sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall1f
Triscuiit's Pokestop Potions and Pokemon! Triscuiit sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall1d
Hermes' Shop Pumpkins, glistering melon, cactus, cocoa beans, dried kelp blocks, cobble, redstone, paper, sugar cane, and golden carrots! Hokage_Hermes sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall1h
Crazy TBon's LTO* Shop *Limited Time Offer/Rotating Stock/Deep Discounts! TBonDC sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall2t
One stop aquarium shop ! coral blocks, corals, and coral fans, as well as turtle eggs, seagrass, kelp, pufferfish, and more! Lgamer7 sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall4u
Bells and Whistles 1.14 blocks and more! Jennyblaze sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall2q
Hard Head Shop Meat, potatoes, and bones, oh my! And nether wart too! Hokage_Hermes sells Gamma Camelot Mall Camelot.MallP8
Mother Twiston's Nether Stars, Rare Magic Books, Totems of Undying, and More! Cesar & merc sells Gamma Camelot Mall Camelot.Twiston
Canon's XP Repair Item repair! iCanon sells Gamma Avalon home.xp
MagicMart Books! Blocks! Bottles! And More! Casonacademy sells Gamma Camelot Mall camelot.mallp3
Red Magic Redstone supplies! Amh11706 sells Gamma Camelot Mall camelot.mallb7
The Loaded Spud Enchanted range weapons! Building Materials! Cash for gunpowder to support public fireworks shows! luckytater buys & sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall2g & spawn.mall2h
The Diamond Standard Enchanted Top tier enchanted diamond tools, weapons, and armor for all your adventuring needs! Beatworld and Svenofuch sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall2j
Mystery Shulker Buy a Shulker, get a mystery! Is it good? Is it bad? It's probably both! Jennyblaze buys & sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall1d
The Shopposite End-related blocks, End Loot, Portal Loot, Netherite, Treasure Chest Loot, and More GradientAscent sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall2n
VillagerSmart Villagers and villager accessories! ChemieMagier sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall2k
Dopey's Discount Shulkers and other shit! Dopey4450 sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall1c
The Magic Missile All your potion needs and more! rlancel4 buys & sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall2c
The Emerald Eye elytra, netherite ingots, ancient debris, dragon heads, shulkers, and more! Soulegion sells Alpha BadWolfMC Mall spawn.mall2r
Redstone Help Your days of struggles are over with the new shop Redstone Help! SirGruut sells Alpha Gallifrey RedstoneHelp

Add a new store by inserting this example code above the |} symbol:

 | BadWolfMC Art Gallery || Custom Paintings || server || sells || [[BadWolfMC Alpha|Alpha]] || [[Mall|BadWolfMC Mall]] || spawn.artgallery 

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