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Map of the Torchwood Institute: Regeneration Program Campus
Founder BadWolfMC
Contributors Cesar, merc, GolighRunes, AzurexeruzAog, TBonDc, JBizzle, PoopOutlawMom, the BadWolfMC Community
Category Settlements
Underground? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Nether link? Yes (Station TBA)
Portal? Yes
Server Alpha
Dimension Gallifrey Nether
/res tp Mars
Nearest warp Mars

Mars is a combination server/community build started in the summer of 2020 and released to the public on November 13, 2021. Similar to its predecessor, The Oasis, Mars was designed as a half-way house in preparation for The Great BadWolfMC Wet Willie of 2021. Fearing the destruction of their homes in the upgrade to Minecraft 1.18, players flocked to this lava-filled haven to store their treasures.


The Martian Imperial Cruiser
A Martial Shuttle in front of The Citadel
The Torchwood Institute: Regeneration Program Headquarters
     It began as the Torchwood Institute: Regeneration Program. It feels like a lifetime ago — several, in reality. Like the ancient Gallifreyans, we hoped to harness the power of the Timeless Child to save our dying planet and, yes, to save ourselves.
     But we were fools — children playing with matches — and we nearly burned the world to the ground. We were relentless in our experiments, and sent expeditions to distant planets in search of anything that might further our quest.
     Eventually we drew the attention of the Empress of Mars, who, hoping to restore her own planet, offered the resources of her people in exchange for sharing the resulting technology.
     But of course, the bigger the program became, the more difficult it was to keep secret.
     So we moved, here, deep in the heart of Mars, close to the core, where our experiments could continue away from … regulation.
     Children with matches.
     We failed. Utterly. Because, we eventually discovered... it was not possible to succeed.
     All of our searches, all of the technology we acquired, the artifacts gathered, showed us one thing:
     Death is an illusion.
     We discovered that when someone dies, they simply wake up in their beds, memories of their death fading like a dream, families and friends oblivious.
     Terrifying, that, because how would people act if death were meaningless? And if death is meaningless, wouldn’t that make life meaningless as well?
     That thought alone drove many to madness. But we kept lighting matches. As we probed deeper we discovered that each death opens, for a fraction of a second, a tiny tear in reality — a tear we eventually learned how to pry open.
     Ghosts came through. Ghosts of ourselves, some now believe, although we weren’t sure what they were at first. Residual data of our past lives, even our future lives, leaving an impression on the present…
     Eventually we went through the tear ourselves. What we found on the other side changed everything.
     Reality is the illusion.
     Or, more accurately — a simulation. Part of one, at least. Some call it a game. The evidence seems to show that there has already been one iteration before, now dark and dormant. More importantly, it shows that the current one seems to be ending as well.
     That will, I’m sure, frighten many. I can’t say that I have not, too, been tempted by despair. But all is not lost.
     That very tear in the fabric of reality, the match we lit, is our hope. And we have built an ark — a special transmat vault employing Block Transfer Computation technology that surrounds the largest stable tear we could create — that, we are sure, will take us into the next world. The Martians have agreed to help transport those in our world to the base here on Mars, where we can build another life — while we wait for this one to end.

Beam me up!

The Empress of Mars has graciously agreed to transport all willing humans to the Red Planet where they can settle and build a new life. Transport shuttles have been positioned at key locations, which will take you to the Empress’s own Imperial Cruiser, which will in turn take us to Mars. Do mind your manners on the cruiser, though — some areas are restricted from human visitors.

Welcome to Mars!

Martian Elytra Flight Course
Marsio Kart Racetrack
Martian Strider Course

You’ll quickly find that life on Mars isn’t all that different from life on Gallifrey! Here you can work, build, and hoard all of your shit in a massive vault where it will be safe from the end of the world!

If you were wondering, there’s plenty to do here, deep below the surface of the tiny red planet! An insane elytra course will keep you occupied for hours, a Mars-io Kart (get it?) race track will have you declaring “I’m the best!”, and there are lava boat rides the kids will love! I’ve even heard rumors of a secret way to explore the mysterious giant alien cube!

And those “little green men” you’ve always heard about? Well, it turns out they’re not so little! All of them are around 6 feet tall and just so perfectly pleasant! I promise you’ll be dying to meet them!

The Block Transfer Computation Ark

The Block Transfer Computational Ark on Mars

Our one true hope for survival, the Block Transfer Computation Ark is composed of hexagonal machines arranged in a ring around The Rift. Each machine is separated into 3 vertical layers, each of which serves as an individual storage flat consisting of 1 or 3 rows of storage pods. Each player is allowed to claim, for free, one flat.

Renting Rules

  • One rental per player. We’re trying to conserve space and allow enough room for everyone, so if you do not require a full flat, feel free to share space with a friend.
  • Do not add or remove blocks in these flats. Only the existing barrels are to be used for storage. If you have a very large amount of items to be stored we recommend first storing your items in shulker boxes, then store the shulker boxes in the barrels. This method will ensure there is no additional lag.


The Blaze Farm

Mars features BadWolfMC's third server-owned public farm at /res tp mars.blaze!

Martian Flight Training

This 63-ring Elytra Flight Course is sure to make you rage quit!

Marsio Kart

Marsio Kart is a special race track implemented using BadWolfMC's parkour mechanics. The pulse-pounding course can be raced forwards (MarsioKart) and backwards (traKoisraM) either solo or with friends!

Martian Strider Course

Grab a cute little lava boat and a mushroom on a stick and race your friends in this tour of the hottest places the Martian landscape has to offer!

The Cube Maze

Little is known about the dark and mysterious cube on the south-west corner of the Martian map, including the location of the entrance! Can you find it? ...And can you survive?

The Habitats

The Martian Habitats

The Martian Habitats are plots surrounding the Torchwood Institute: Regeneration Program Headquarters which are reserved for human builds. These builds can be whatever you’d like, although the Martians do seem to be happiest when we make an effort to preserve the themes of their home. Your builds can serve as bases, shops, or both, but we ask that you keep entities to an absolute minimum. For example, the use of barrels is preferred over chests to mitigate frame lag for your fellow players. A few of these plots are reserved for exclusive styles, including upside-down builds and builds attached to the cave walls. You can request permissions on a plot by creating a /ticket on the plot you wish to claim. These will be first-come, first served.

Laboratory Build Contest

The Build Contest has ended, but you can still contribute! The Torchwood Institute: Regeneration Program needs you! Floors 2-6 of the headquarters has empty lab and office space waiting for you to build it! Each player may claim one space (for now) to build the office or research space of your dreams. All completed entries will become a permanent fixture of the Torchwood Institute: Regeneration Program HQ.

Build Rules

  • One lab per player.
  • Please use your own blocks, but keep entities to an absolute minimum. This will be a very dense area and we’re trying to avoid it becoming an FPS nightmare.
  • DO NOT use this space as storage or as a shop. It's simple a creative build space to show off your ideas.
  • Once the build contest has ended any empty space can still be built by players, but additional builds will not be eligible for the build contest.


The Torchwood Institute: Regeneration Program was a meta storyline on the BadWolfMC Network started on September 10, 2021 which paved the way for the soft reset of the network's survival overworlds to accommodate the significant changes in world generation in Minecraft 1.18. It was also integrated into the 5-year Anniversary Celebration and the redesign of the Old Village. The story began with the unexplained appearance of invisible, glowing, humanoid mobs appearing at random all over the map, called "Data Ghosts", followed by a series of Discord announcements designed to look like press releases from the Torchwood Institute: Regeneration Program. As the story progressed, the mob types changed slightly, becoming increasingly more aggressive and causing adverse affects to the players who interacted with them.

Press Releases

September 10, 2021

For Immediate Release

The Torchwood Institute is proud to announce the Torchwood Institute Regeneration Program!

Inspired by the news of The Timeless Child, Torchwood has been studying the regenerative properties of the entity known as “The Doctor”, which if successfully harnessed could have far-reaching applications in healthcare and infectious diseases, manufacturing, and even climate science and potentially reversing the effects of global warming.

"We've been conducting research for quite some time on the nature of life — and especially death," says the Torchwood archivist known simply as "Archie". "The surviving offices of Torchwood have begun their experiments in conjunction with this important project."

The general public can participate in these experiments through machine-learning exercises known as "GUI Games", and may also from time to time experience visual apparitions known as "data ghosts."

"The data ghosts are almost definitely harmless," Archie assures us, adding "We’re pretty sure."

As part of the Regeneration Program the Torchwood Institute has also launched space exploration missions both within our Solar system to planets such as Venus and Mars, and also to the furthest reaches of deep space including to K37 Gem 5, the mysterious black hole in the Delta quadrant.

“These missions will further our research and provide valuable information about the nature of our world that will ultimately allow us to give nature a helping hand.”

September 15, 2021

For Immediate Release

The Torchwood Institute Regeneration Program is proud to announce a significant advancement in Sonic tech. “From our extensive research into the nature of life and death, we have discovered a way of essentially binding Sonic tech to one’s, erm… soul,” says Archie, archivist for the Torchwood Institute. “While the less palatable details need not be discussed, this allows you to keep your sonic devices with you at all times, even after… expiring.”

The new sonic devices cannot be dropped, even on death, but can still be moved, stored, and destroyed, so care must still be taken when handling them. Existing devices (currently including Sonic devices and Krillitane Wings) can be traded in directly with the server admins or placed into a chest in your residence with a /ticket requesting the upgrade.

The Torchwood Institute is also aware of the rare reports that some of the entities known as “Data Ghosts” have been allegedly hostile.

“We have not experienced these behaviors first-hand so can neither confirm nor deny these allegations,” says Archie. “We believe these reports to be wildly exaggerated and possibly fabricated to tarnish the good name of the Torchwood Institute and impede the significant progress made by the Regeneration Program.”

When asked about the rumors that the Torchwood Institute has been in contact with The Empress of Mars, Archie responded “How did you hear about that? Of course we haven’t! No comment!”

September 22, 2021

For Immediate Release

The Torchwood Institute is dedicated to your health and safety. While rumors of a mysterious illness in connection with the Data Ghosts have been circling, The Torchwood Institute would like to remind everyone that correlation does not always imply causation.

“The reports that those who have fallen ill have had contact with a Data Ghost are indeed puzzling, but we assure you that the Data Ghosts are not the source of the illness!” says Archie, archivist for the Torchwood Institute. “In the interest of full transparency, The Torchwood Institute is opening the doors of its local branch, Torchwood Three, for public inspection effective immediately. We’re sure you’ll find nothing of interest there.”

Torchwood Three can be accessed via the fountain in the center of the /OldVillage. Masks are required for all visitors.

September 24, 2021

For Immediate Release

“Well, I must admit, this was unexpected…”, says Archie, archivist for the Torchwood Institute. “Our research into the nature of life and death has certainly had some… side effects... but the resurrection of Gallifrey’s original Ender Dragon?! We did not expect that! Between this and the illness that seems to be ravaging our citizens… we suspect something larger than we could have imagined must be at play here…”

November 13, 2021

This was the final post in the Regeneration Program story and was simply a link to the blog post on the website announcing the release of Mars and revealing the entire story and its purpose.

For Immediate Release

The Torchwood Institute: Regeneration Program