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BadWolfMC has a few mazes, largely on the BadWolfMC Alpha server, most associated with event builds.

List of Mazes

Name Style/Description Difficulty Server Access Location
Atlantis Arena Maze elements change based on the day, custom mobs medium Alpha /atlantis > part of the quests
Bookshelf Challenge short; maze and hopper easy Alpha /winter (Seasonal - Winter)
Citadel Grotto Maze short; iron door maze, hidden entrance easy Alpha /citadel > in a hidden grotto
Cloister Maze excessively long, 9 checkpoints, custom mobs, boss battle hard Alpha /citadel > base of the central spire
Crystal Cave Maze 1 checkpoint, boss battle medium Gamma Recall > Crystal Cave Part 2 (must be unlocked)
Cube Maze short; convoluted; miniboss battle easy Alphha /mars > hidden entrance
Invisible Maze short; blind maze/barriers medium Alpha /spawn (Seasonal - Easter)
Maze of the Damned 4 checkpoints, dark maze, custom mobs, boss battle easy/medium Alpha /halloween (Seasonal - Halloween)
Stormcage Escape short; maze and escape the room easy Alpha /stormcage
Torchwood Torture multi-level, false exits medium Alpha /oldvillage > Torchwood entrance in the fountain.
Winter Maze 1 checkpoint, boss battle medium Alpha /winter (Seasonal - Winter)
Cloister Maze
Winter Maze Boss Battle