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Citadel Overview.png
The Citadel, capitol of Gallifrey
Contributors Everyone
Category Dimensions
Underground? true
Public? true
Started 4 September 2018
Released 8 September 2018
Size north to south 28,000m
Size west to east 28,000m
Height 256m
Server Alpha
Nearest warp spawn

Gallifrey is the primary survival world on the BadWolfMC Alpha server, currently on its third regeneration. It has a wrapping circular border radius of 16,000 meters for a total playable surface area of approximately 804,247,719 blocks.


Gallifrey's first incarnation wasn't officially known as Gallifrey, but simply the "world", willed into being with the creation of the server on August 20, 2016. It served us well for a little more than two years, then retired in the update to Minecraft 1.13. Some of our favorite player builds from the first incarnation can still be explored, now in a massive underground cavern in BadWolfMC's Old Village.

Due to the extensive changes in the release of Minecraft 1.13, including a complete redesign of the oceans, new block ID scheme, and new chunk format, the server gods determined that it would be an appropriate time for BadWolfMC's first soft reset. Gallifrey Mark 2 was created on September 4, 2018 after the successful and grueling update to 1.13, and the major server builds were migrated. The world was opened to the public with a smaller world border on September 8, 2018 to conserve disk space while players migrated storage rooms from the old world to the new. Player data files were then migrated and the old world was retired on September 22, 2018. The world border was then expanded to a wrapping circular border radius of 14,000 meters for a total playable surface area of approximately 615,752,160 blocks. Some player builds were again curated for inclusion in a redesign of the Old Village.

Once again, with the massive world generation changes in the release of Minecraft 1.18, Gallifrey regenerated to it's third incarnation on December 20, 2021. While still a soft reset due to players being able to store items on Mars, the update did include a player data wipe and an economy wipe to keep things fresh.


Notable server builds in Gallifrey include Atlantis (built in celebration of the Aquatic Update), the BadWolfMC Mall, the Citadel, the Fair, the Old Village, the Pirate Isles, and Stormcage.