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General Utilities

Interactive Signs

BadWolfMC has interactive blocks and signs all over the server -- clicking these performs an action such as opening a menu or warping the player or opening hidden doorways. The following are the interactive signs that you are able to create for yourself:

  • Disposal Signs - These are exactly the same as the /disposal command except it saves you some typing and you can just left- or right-click the sign once it's set up. To create a disposal sign place a new sign and type "[ic:Disposal]" (with the brackets but leave out the quotes).
  • Elevator Signs - These super handy signs do exactly what you'd think -- create an elevator. They must be exactly on top of each other (same X & Z coordinates) and enable the player to right-click to travel up or shift+right-click to travel down. All elevator signs are created by placing a sign and typing "[Elevator]" on the first line. Currently there is no limit on how far apart these can be on the Y coordinate -- although that will likely change eventually. Add "[*]" on the second line of an elevator sign to force the user to teleport directly in front of that sign, otherwise the teleport location will be relative to the player's position to the original sign.

Other Utilities

  • Backpacks - For Diamond contributors, access any shulker box in your inventory without the need to place it first! From your open inventory just shift+right click to open the box.
  • PiggyBack - Shift+click any mob/animal with an empty hand to pick it up and carry it! Throw it again by the same action. Note that you cannot teleport with mobs using this method - you'll need to use /ride for that. See the commands list below.
  • Scroll Paintings - All members can shift+right-click their own vanilla paintings to enable scroll mode. Simply use your mouse wheel to scroll through the choices, then hit a block away from the painting to confirm the current selection. Vanilla placement still works and the maps will scroll through all available images that fit in the available space. Please note this only works on vanilla paintings, not our custom map paintings.
  • VeinMiner - Mine entire ore veins, chop trees, harvest gardens, and trim the bushes all in one swift motion! Shift+click with the appropriate tool to do it all! Just be careful not to VeinMine your house! /togglechop toggles the behavior.
  • XP Bottler - Store your excess XP for later use or for sale in your shop! Simply left click an empty cauldron with an empty glass bottle, which the bottler will fill with 10 experience points from 12 of your own XP (costs 2xp). Shift+click to create 10 bottles at a time.

General Commands

  • /afk - Sets your status as "away from keyboard". This feature is also automatic based on a built-in timer. A reason can be provided if desired, e.g. "/afk I'm not macroing I promise".
  • /answ [your answer] - For all your trivia answering needs!
  • /colorpicker - For Diamond contributors, a hex color picker for all your prismatic needs. Just click the color you want to insert the code in your chat bar. From there it can be copied and pasted into anvils, etc. or just type and hit enter to make chat pretty!
  • /colors - Legacy chat formatting codes! For Diamond contributors only.
  • /condense - Available to Gold and Diamond ranks, this command automatically crafts any items craftable in a 3x3 grid that can also be uncrafted on a crafting bench (e.g. it works on iron, redstone, etc., but does not work on melon, netherwart, or quartz).
  • /dispose or /disposal - Opens a GUI to dump unwanted items in. Careful! These are immediately destroyed when exiting the GUI and cannot be retrieved.
  • /glist - Lists all of the players currently connected to the BadWolfMC Network.
  • /hat - For Gold and Diamond contributors, wear any block you're targeting or item in your hand as a hat!
  • /help - Displays help options for the plugins you have access to.
  • /menu - Displays our main server menu including the server selector to transfer between servers, helpful links, access to GUI-based bank deposits and withdrawals, access to a GUI-based headshop, and access to select warps.
  • /motd - Displays the message of the day (this is what pops up when you first log in).
  • /near - Displays the players and distance in meters (blocks) of anyone nearby.
  • /options - Opens the Options Menu.
  • /point - Shoots a stream of particles that highlight the block you're looking at. (Not to be confused with /points, which checks your rewards balance!)
  • /points - Checks your rewards balance for items in the /rewards shop!
  • /random - Teleports you to a random location on the map. Note that this feature is not enabled in all worlds.
  • /realname [nickname] - Handy for figuring out who those people with the colorful names are.
  • /recipe [item] - Used followed by the Minecraft name or ID of the item you wish to craft, this will show you the recipe. Here is a good list of Minecraft block IDs.
  • /ride - When targeting some entities, allows you to ride that entity. Can also be used with /homes and /tpa requests to teleport select entities to your home or friends.
  • /rules - Displays the server rules.
  • /scavenge - Opens the Scavenger GUI which can break items down into their component parts, including enchants!
  • /seen - Followed by a username (e.g. /seen mercurialmusic) this command displays how long it has been since the target user has been online in that server.
  • /shakeitoff - Ejects any passengers you may have on your head.
  • /sit - For all your sedentary needs. Tired of sitting only in chairs? Now you can /sit wherever you damn well please. You can also just right click on stairs or bottom-slabs to automatically sit on these without a command.
  • /svis beacon - When performed while looking at a beacon, this command will show the effect range of the beacon, drawn in fanceh particles.
  • /svis res - When /res show has you squinting, this one's a bit easier to see.
  • /svis spawner - For the mob farm enthusiasts, this command when performed while looking at a spawner will show both the activation range and mob spawning range of that spawner, drawn in fanceh particles.
  • /time - Displays the current in-game world time.
  • /togglechop - An alias for /veinminer toggle in case you forget that one. Does the same thing.
  • /togglecompass - Toggles the Boss Bar compass at the top of your screen.
  • /togglepayments - Toggles the ability for other users to pay you using the /pay command.
  • /toggleshiftedit - For Diamond members, this will toggle shift+right-clicking a sign to edit it.
  • /toggletpa - Want to be a hermit for a while? Use this command to toggle incoming TPA requests.
  • /toggletrivia - Not sure why you'd want this, but if you don't want to see the trivia questions use this to toggle them off -- or back on again when you realize how awesome they are. This is on by default.
  • /uncondense - Available to Gold and Diamond ranks, this command does the opposite of the /condense command with the same limitations.
  • /veinminer toggle - Toggles your ability to sneak+break veins of ores and chop entire trees! On by default.