Quick Start Guide

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Welcome to the BadWolfMC Quick Start Guide! Your source of everything you need to know to get started on our network. This guide assumes you are already a member and have joined our /discord. And now that you've agreed to them you might as well actually read the rules. They cover about 85% of the questions we get from new members. This page covers most of the rest.

Where can I build?

  • All claims must be 250 blocks away from any other players and must be themselves limited to a 250 block diameter.
  • We recommend first checking the live map to find the perfect place then use the teleport pads at /spawn to get closest to it.
  • If you'd just like to look around, you can use the /random command in most worlds to be teleported to random safe coordinates. Still be sure to check your location from the live map to make sure there aren't any other claims nearby!
  • Once you've settled in a spot with no nearby claims, be sure to set up a residence both to make sure your claim appears on the map and to protect your stuff!

Where can I get materials?

  • Mining and pillaging (including sea temples, sunken ships, treasure chests, etc.) on Alpha and Gamma must be limited to the resource worlds only! Instructions for each server follow:
    • Alpha
      • Use /worlds or /warps from the Alpha server. The /worlds command will take you to a portal hub, while /warps will open a GUI, from which you can select one of the three resource world warps.
    • Gamma
      • The main resource world on Gamma is accessed with the Phase spell. When first getting started we highly recommend first leveling up your recall spell until you get your "back on death" marker. Once in the other side it's best to quickly dig below the surface and strip-mine below ground. Only once you've leveled up will it be safe enough to tackle caves and the surface.
    • Don't forget you can use the /random command to teleport yourself to a random location on the map away from the more mined-out areas close to spawn. This command has a 60-second cooldown per user regardless of rank to avoid loading too many chunks too quickly.
  • The Second Hand Shop at /spawn (to the left of the big blue box) contains free, community-supplied, early-game items to help you get started.
  • Most overworld wood types are available at the /treefarm.
  • You can easily get XP or use the free enchanting tables and anvils at the /endgrinder.

How do I set a home?

  • /sethome [name] - saves your current location as a home with the name you provide.
  • /homes - brings up a GUI of all your homes, from which you can click the one you want to go to.
  • /home [name] - teleports to a specific home.
  • /delhome [name] - deletes a home. Homes can also be removed by shift-right-clicking in the /homes GUI

Residences can also act as extra homes and do not have a cooldown associated with the /res tp [name] command.

How do I move around the server?

  • /spawn - warps to spawn.
  • /warps - opens the warps menu.
  • /tpa <username> - sends a request to the target user to teleport to them.
  • /tpahere <username> - sends a request to the target user to teleport them to you.

How do I talk to people?

  • By default all messages sent will be in global chat unless you change your focused channel. More on that on our chat page.
  • Prefix your chat with the /l command (e.g. /l [message]) to speak in local chat, which has a range of 230 blocks.
  • /msg <username> <message> - sends a whisper/direct message to the target user.
  • /r <message> - responds to the last person who messaged you.
  • You can also click a player's username in global chat to autofill the command to message them.

How do I make money?

New members start out with $200 in their account, which you can view by typing /balance or /bal. To make money, you can sell certain items at the bank (/menu or /bank) or shops in the mall at spawn. You can teleport to the mall by typing /mall.

The bank has set values for buying and selling certain gems and metals, such as $50 per diamond, $9 per gold ingot ($9 to purchase, $1 to deposit to avoid abuse with gold farms), and $1 per iron ingot.

BadWolfMC also has a Jobs plugin that allows you to be paid for things like mining, fishing, hunting mobs, etc. Every member is allowed to have two jobs at a time, and these jobs can be switched at will without losing your last job level. The Builder and Miner jobs are the most popular, but we're not here to tell you what to do with your life.

How do I protect myself?

BadWolfMC has two plugins that will help protect your things:

  • We have a chest-locking plugin that uses signs to protect any Minecraft containers (chests, furnaces, etc.) and entrances such as doors and gates. To lock any of these, place a sign either directly on the container or on the block it’s sitting on and type [Private] on the first line (if you don’t crouch when you place the sign it will fill this in automatically). Your name will show up on the second line, indicating that you have successfully locked your chest. See the tutorial for more information on allowing others to access your chests.
  • The Residence plugin allows you to make residences which will automatically secure all blocks and chests inside the residence area. We highly recommend checking out the tutorial since this plugin is fairly expansive.

What are the different servers?


BadWolfMC Alpha is home to our main survival world, Gallifrey, and resource worlds for plenty of renewable materials. Lots of dungeons to explore and seasonal events are also hosted here. Alpha is our default server and is where players spawn when they first join the network. You can access the Alpha server from our other servers through the /menu or by using the /alpha command.


BadWolfMC Beta holds our SkyBlock, AcidIsland, and OneBlock worlds as well as our Creative and Prison game modes. Access the Beta server from the rest of the network through the /menu or by using the /beta command.


BadWolfMC Gamma features our magical world of spells, broomsticks, and dragons! We might call them The Doctor, but here they're called Merlin. Access the Gamma server through the /menu or by using the /gamma command. Gamma is for those who like a real challenge with skill-progression-based gameplay and truly difficult magical foes. It will be a very long time before you run out of things to do here!


BadWolfMC Delta is our minigame server, hosting BedWars, Hide & Seek, Paintball & Parkour Arenas, and Elytra Challenges. Delta has also hosted events such as our UHC’s, Bingo, Among Us, and HermitCraft world releases! Access the Delta server through the /menu or by using the /delta command.

Any useful plugins I should know about?

Several, really. Take a look at our General Commands & Utilities page and the BadWolfMC Wiki main page for all of our tutorials, but perhaps the most immediately useful to be familiar with include:

Chest Sorting

Toggled off by default, this useful tool can automatically sort your chests by category > items > name > color > custom name. Even when toggled off, hotkeys can still be used to sort chests.

  • /sort (or /chestsort) - Shows the player settings GUI
  • /sort on - Enable automatic sorting for containers
  • /sort off - Disable automatic sorting for containers
  • /sort hotkeys - Open a GUI to change your sorting hotkeys

Enchanted Furnaces

Probably the least vanilla thing about our servers, Enchanted Furnaces allow you to enchant your furnaces on a regular enchanting table for efficiency (smelting speed), fortune (bonus output), silk touch (saves fuel burn time), and unbreaking (makes fuel last longer).


Shift+left-click to mine the entire ore vein, chop the entire tree, or shear all the leaves! Just be careful not to chop your entire house! VeinMiner use can be toggled with /veinminer toggle.

XP Bottler

Store your excess XP for later use or for sale in your shop! Simply left click any cauldron (or some additional special bottler blocks) with an empty glass bottle, which the bottler will fill with 10 experience points from 12 of your own XP (cost of 2xp per bottle). A shift+left-click will convert 10 bottles at a time.

What are Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points are part of BadWolfMC's Rewards system that members earn by playing on the network, voting for the server, referring friends, and by helping other players! Points can be spent in the BadWolfMC Rewards Shop, accessed with the /menu command. Prizes include ranks, rare items, enchanted furnaces, overpowered soulbound tools/armor, pets, and disguises!